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    Hi I'm saturn, a half Japanese server mod. I have a bukkit plugin request, a plugin that all Japanese and I bet foreign people will love. A plugin that generates hot springs in the world.

    Category: World Generation

    Suggested name: HotSpringGen

    • A small patch of water with some depth
    • Generates in a mountain biome
    • Gives some good effects to the player when you get in, like regeneration and saturation
    Smoke particle effects coming out out of the spring, which will make it look warm and nice :)
    • If it's possible, the spring water can become a swamp biome, which will make the water look different and green
    • When you pickup the water with a bucket or water bottle, it'll just turn into normal water
    • If you want to, but it's not necessary, it'll be nice if you can make hot spring spout. The hot spring spout has a custom recipe, and it can be a dispenser or a piston base. When you place it down and right click it, this GUI will come up, and you can place water buckets in there. When the water buckets are inserted, the spout will start working, pumping out hot spring water, filling the tub. If you put more water buckets, the spout can fill bigger tubs.


    • Another idea I had, was rather than generating the pond when generating the whole world, the plugin will look for a small pond in a mountain biome, and will change it in to a hot spring.

    • This might be some good inspiration what the spring might look like. But it'll be better if the lake is smaller, and with some more smoke.

    It'll be awesome if someone can make this :D It'll attract people to build houses around it, make the world look more interesting, and it'll call people for adventure to find the hot spring!

    EDIT: Sry, the images are not showing, but if you right click it and go to the link, you'll see the images ^^;
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    PonsabaSaturun I'm pretty sure this isn't possible, especially changing the water's color.
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    Yeah, maybe it was not green... It changed in my head for some reason ^^; Well, still the swamp biome water will add some accent because it certainly changes the water color :)
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    yellowfuzz If you change the area of the hot spring to a swamp biome, it will make the water look slightly green.
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    Well, maybe timtower will have suggestions...
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    yellowfuzz Natural generation is difficult for this as the plugin also needs to know where the springs are.
    Rest is just some coding work.
    If somebody takes this on: leave out the natural generation.
    PonsabaSaturun Color of water depends on biome

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