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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Coopah, Jan 3, 2016.

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    @teej107 @Areoace
    I'll tell you again... and to tell you both the truth, I've repeated myself too many times.
    This does not get an edit session, it creates a NEW one!
    EditSession es =new EditSession(BWf, 2000000);
    How do you propose I get a session? The only thing you have told me to do, is to create a new session and supposedly save it. You haven't told me anything remotely useful that I haven't already tried.
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    @Coopah stop having a tantrum and think please, we're only trying to guide you through it.

    Step one:

    BukkitWorld BWf = new BukkitWorld(x.getWorld())
    Step two:

    EditSession es = new EditSession(BWf, 2000000);,
    Step three: Do what you want, if you can paste using the edit session then why can't you undo with the edit session?
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    Assign it to a field :p
    I've told you what you need to do and you aren't doing it.
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    @Areoace @teej107
    Sorry boys, I wasn't quite explaining myself correctly. I was trying to undo it via another class/event, you were just telling me how to create an EditSession, not how to acquire one.
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    I'm not telling you how to create an EditSession. You know how to create an EditSession. It's in your code! Now save the damn EditSession for later use.
    EDIT: Oh..... it's solved.
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    You're even worse at explaining yourself than me lmao.
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    I doubt it. My instructions were pretty clear.
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    Why don't you just use a Getter to return the edit session so you can access from wherever you need, granted you could still do that without a getter, but it does make it a whole lot simpler.

    I would, however, consider making your own object to store an edit session with an ID

    public class Session{
    private List<Session> sessions = new ArrayList<>();
    private String ID;
    private EditSession es;
             public Session(String ID, EditSession es){
                     this.ID = ID;
            = es;
             public EditSession getEditSession(){
                    return es;
              public String getID(){
                   return ID;
              public static Session getSession(String id){
                        for(Session s : sessions){
                                  return s;
              return null;
    Then you could just be like

    new Session("Battle Arena", new EditSession(etc etc));

    And then when you want the session

    Session.getSession("Battle Arena").getEditSession();
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