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Discussion in 'General Help' started by chineseninja456, Jan 15, 2015.

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    Hello, I currently have a Spigot 1.7.9-1.8 server with world edit and a few other plugins installed. The only problem is that world edit/worldguard do not work. When I use my commands, it says unknown command. I think it is not a problem with world edit or world guard, but another plugin that is messing it up. Here is a list of my plugins:
    FishermanMCPVP; GroupManager; NoCheatPlus; AutoBroadcaster; Worldedit; NoSwear; Buycraft; Clearlag
    MySpawners, NameTagEdit, HolographicDisplays, BlockLauncher, TrophyHeads, WorldGuard, Essentials
    EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsChat, Factions, ObsidianDestroyer, CombatLog
    If you have any idea on whats causing the issue please tell me :D
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    Each of the three versions of Spigot 1.8 has particular versions which you must use.

    If it is spigot 1.7.9 with the protocol hack- I'm not sure what you need. Probably worldedit 5.X.
    If you have Spigot build 1649 1.8 from last september, you'll need worldedit built back then (some kind of version 5 probably)

    If you have a current build of spigot 1.8 using buildtools.jar, you want the master build: worldedit-6.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar or the more current master build #3346.
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