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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Senzuri, Apr 23, 2011.

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    Just putting it out there so it gets noticed and fixed.

    Steps to reproduce (This is how I tested, other methods may also work):

    1. Put items in workbench underwater, drown

    2. Collect items, then drop items and have another player pick them up

    3. They can then use the items without it disappearing.

    Test it with food items, cooked porkchop, apples, etc. If you did it correctly, you should have an item with over 100 charges. People are doing this on my server with cooked porkchops, giving them a really easy time during PVP.

    Hope this gets fixed quick.

    edit: may also work with furnaces, haven't tested.
    edit2: video example:
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    look in and maybe post it there
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    Thanks, I went ahead and did that.
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    Luckily no-one in my server knows I'm hosting it with Bukkit.
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    Nathan C

    Just tried it.

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    Also found a new item dupe exploit for npcx:

    1. Get an NPC to get you to about 1 heart.
    2. Relog, and attack the NPC really fast.

    The result should be your items dropping, but you staying alive and maintaining all your current items.
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    I've added some information to the bug tracker about what I found out concerning this exploit/its origins and updated my plugin to make this exploit (and others that work similar) far less interesting/useful.
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    New item dupe...

    This will also work with NoCheat latest fix:
    This one requires you to have material that crafts something (e.g. Iron Ingots)

    Steps to reproduce (Other methods may work):

    1. Set yourself on fire at 5 hearts.
    2. Put 9 Iron Ingots into the workbench
    3. Wait until you die, take the Iron Block and dump it onto the ground.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Can someone confirm this happens with the vanilla server?
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    I just tested it with crafting leather boots while drowning.

    Bukkit (with or without plugins):

    put 4 leather into workbench, drowned, crafted the boots and dropped them. After respawning and going back to the location to pick up my stuff I found 4 leather + 6 leather stacks of size 0 (when picking them up they got stacked together with the 4 "real" leather and therefore disappeared, which is not true for unstackable stuff like food) + a pair of leather boots.

    Vanilla Minecraft:

    I tested this three times and only either got 4 leather or a pair of boots out of it. No duplication happening.

    btw. related to this is another bug I now stumbled upon. When you have a 0-size stack in your inventory, it seems you can create an arbitrary amount of real 1-size stacks out of it, by clicking on it and then right-clicking on an empty slot, therefore "splitting" the 0-size stack into a "-1"-size stack and a "1"-size stack.

    I've posted a fix for this bug onto the bugtracker redmine to the according bug report. Hope this gets fixed soon.

    For now I've added the proposed fix to my plugin.

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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    This is fixed b735 onwards. There won't be a new RB promoted just because of it as it isn't a huge issue but the build is available for use on CI.
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    Thanks, I have a question, do you recommend updating builds ASAP? or lurking around with the lower recommended builds till most plugins I use update to the newest builds?
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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    Nothing should break between the RB and the dupe fix build.
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