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  1. Hi

    Over the last two days, outside of work, I have been playing Minecraft non-stop and also developing some plugins for my server. I was making plugins between 2011-2014, and I forgot how much fun it was.


    Simply put: it's a chest locking plugin. You can also allow people to access certain chests. This was made just to get back in the rhythm of Java development.


    This is a fun one. Everytime a furnace smelts an item it will place it in a chest which is connected via a pipe. Here's a screenshot:


    You can have multiple furnaces connected up to one pipe too.


    I have added a new crafting recipe which allows the player to make a Quary Block. When this block is powered, it drill dig downwards and only stop at bedrock. When not-powered, will bring the drill backup.


    You are able to shift+right click on the Quary Block to access the blocks which had been broken by the drill.


    This one was made because I was familiar with Towny, but wanted less of the functionality. With SimpleTowns, you can create a town. A town can claim chunks. Only the players in the town are able to work with blocks, access chests, etc. It's generally made for when you have a load of mates join a server so you can all claim land together and not have your stuff griefed or stolen.

    I will post links to BukkitDev when the plugins are available.
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    Does SimplePipes and Quarry work with eachother or is that not yet a thing?
    Since i could see it work together just as in FTB
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