Wont allow me to add plugins?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Veizzo, Jun 21, 2015.

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    Hello guys.

    I made a new server today and it wont allow me to add any plugins. I made it 1.8.7 (http://prntscr.com/7jh8c9). The few plugins I added were BanManager, PermissionsEX and Essentials. I can't find a 1.8 Version of either so I added what was listed in the 'Plugins' section on shockbyte.com (If you're familiar with that site). If you guys could help, that would be awesome. Anything would help, such as telling me why this is occurring or link me to 1.8 downloads to each of those plugins? That would be awesome. Thanks! :)
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    not all plugins will work on 1.8, and that is no different than the previous 4 years worth of higher-versions of minecraft incompatibilities.
    However, the 1.8 does have a version of essentials written for it that you need to obtain from a jenkins site listing the jar files (Google for "essentials spigot 1.8" and the jenkins site will be one of the first few)
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    I'm not sure what link to click to download, this is what it gives me. http://prntscr.com/7jne9y
    And thanks for that help. :)
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    Download the jars that you want/need.
    The core essentials is required for any essentials files to work
    Essentials chat if you want to use that for chat formatting on your server, if you dont have a different one
    Essentials protect if you want to use that protection plugin
    Essentials antibuild if you want to pull your hair out screaming at things, or only if you want to discriminate between default ranks and non-default ranks (or higher ranks) in their ability to chat, break, and build (ie, guests that can't break or place until you rank them away from default rank...) Use of it requires setting permissions appropriately.
    Essentials geoip if you want a slow laggy process that does a lookup of the user IP to tell you that he comes from china or england or america, and have a real need for such an intense process using resources on your server
    Essentials spawn if you want to use that plugin to establish the default spawn point for the map for all players, or to make a secondary spawnpoint to have one for noobs to spawn at, and one for returning players to spawn at all other times after dying/ going to /spawn
    EssentialsXMPP only if you have an idea what that does, and feel that your server empire requires the features that that plugin offers to tie into your systems.
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    @Boomer Love the new profile picture! :) Veizzo's screenshot shows that they're using vanilla, not CB/Spigot.

    @Veizzo That's a vanilla Minecraft server... You need to use a server jar that is either Spigot, Craftbukkit, Sponge, etc. to use plugins. Spigot and Craftbukkit are the big two, but since the DMCA Spigot has been managing ALL 1.8+ builds. Your host may have those options available in the panel. If not then you're out of luck unless they have custom jars enabled. If so then check out this video I made that shows you how to build a copy of Spigot or Craftbukkit, it's not too hard :)

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    A complimentary response and a complementary response, all in one, @oceantheskatr :)
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