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    Hey I'm fairly new to this forum (joined yesterday) so please bear with me :p

    Basically I'm looking for a monster spawning Plugin. I'm trying to create a training area and was wondering if there are plugins that allow customized spawning and respawning when killed by players.
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    by default, the mobs will spawn ridiculously fast, and new ones will exist instantly, and once the limit is hit no more will spawn unless one unloads or is killed. There are mods that allow you to program mob spawners, and technically, if you keep killing them, the number of them should be stable, but it will increase over time if you stay near so they don't unload, but those farther away unload.

    PS, there is a MobArena mod.

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    There are a couple plugins you could use to spawn mobs:
    Essentials (/spawnmob <mob>) - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ge...n-of-useful-commands-and-features-1060.15312/
    mobSpawner (signs) - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fun-mobspawner-1-7-3-spawning-mobs-by-command-or-sign-935.15528/

    For mobSpawner, you could create a simple redstone clock for the sign to go off every couple ticks.

    Also, you may find Moblimiter to be of use to you:
    MobLimiter - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/in...set-creature-limits-and-blacklists-617.10804/
    It may be inactive and made for build 617, but it still works perfectly. Plus, this has ingame commands that allow you to set blacklists, mob amounts, etc. You can also purge all mobs in all worlds so that mobs can spawn.

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