wolf.setAngry(); not working :/

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by JoshiYT, Aug 21, 2019.

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    Hey guys,
    i`m programming a Plugin including a pet System Right now.
    Now i spawned a wolf using a RidableWolf class from the Internet.
    When I interact with an Entity, (with my pet) it opens a Inventory where I can customize some Things. I also have made an Item, and when i click on it, the Wolf must be Angry. But it isnt.
    I used the wolf.setAngry(true); method, but there Arent any red eyes or something.

    Can somebody help me?
    Sorry for bad english :/
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    Show code
  3. @JoshiYT I'm not sure but, i think it might require you to set the target as well.
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