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    I have for a while wanted an ability for a necromancer class (based on PEX ranking system) to have the permission to befriend hostile mobs by right clicking them with specified 'food' in a config. which will then make the hostile mob obtain a "wolf" like AI that will make the monster follow, teleport, and attack other hostiles. I've seen a lot of advanced and strange plugins but they all say they have lot's of bugs... or they simply don't do "exactly" what I need them to... could this be possible? I would be gratefull for any help or explination on this topic! thanks!

    another thought to help exactly pinpoint how I wan't to have "wolf" monsters act is I want them to act as wolves and when a player attacks an entity the monster will target it as if it were the player and do like it would normally. because monsters can be smarter than wolves sometimes... also could behavior be modified by things such as Monster Apocalypse? so that the (for example) zombie's AI will still be affected be it and allow the zombie to build and break blocks to attack players? if that's impossible that's okay. but to put it simply I want a monster to have both a wolf's, and it's original AI to attack the targeted entity as if it were the player...

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    well where can I read on how it works? is there a config? can I tame other monsters? where is the info on this??
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    Sorry, I wasn't checking this for posts. You right click a zombie with food bad it acts like a wolf. In the config you can turn on and off what food you can tame zombies with.

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