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    Looks like you can only obtain a wolf's target when it's attacking right now. Anyone know of a workaround to get the owner?
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    Edward Hand

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            getServer().getScheduler().scheduleAsyncRepeatingTask(this, new Runnable() {
                public void run() {
                    for (final World world : getServer().getWorlds()) {
                        for (final Entity entity : world.getLivingEntities()) {
                            final Location loc = entity.getLocation();
                            if (Math.abs(loc.getBlockX()) < radius && Math.abs(loc.getBlockZ()) < radius
                                    && entity instanceof CraftWolf) {
                                final CraftWolf craftWolf = (CraftWolf) entity;
                                final EntityWolf wolf = (EntityWolf) craftWolf.getHandle();
                                if (wolf.v().length() > 0 && getServer().getPlayer(wolf.v()) == null) {
            }, 1000L, 10000L);
    I came up with that to kill wolves between 0 and radius (X or Z) with a offline owner to stop my spawn area from piling up wolves and lagging the server. Does it look like it will function properly before I put it on my production server? It passed all the local tests I did. Not sure if I should be using Async or Sync though...
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    Almost definitely sync - async runs it in a separate thread which can cause shenangians.
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