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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by SiNeD, Jun 18, 2015.

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    I'm just a randy trying to figure out how to set the wither movement to non. So basically when you spawn the wither it doesn't move but shoots wither skulls. I need this for my small bukkit server.
    Is there maybe a plugin for this or is there any way to do this? Note that I am not good with coding or anything like that.

    Thank you''


    I would like to request a plugin that makes that can set if a mob (wither) can move or not and if it can do destroy / do damage or not.
    I've been searching for 1 and half hours for this but never found a compatible plugin.

    *I am fully aware that there is a command called /summon which can summon a mob without it moving but that does not seem to work with the 'Wither' mob.

    It would be great if somebody would create this plugin :)

    Thank you
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    I'm on it now :D
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    Thank you so much :D Was not expecting somebody to help :D
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    Not quite as easy as I first thought. It requires a scheduler to monitor movement from the Wither as there is no EntityMovementEvent. Ask someone else :(
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    Oh well... I'll see if I can find any plugin or if somebody is willing to do it for me. Thanks anyways :)
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    Freezing an entity is very tricky but possible. The easy way is to use NMS code to stop the desired mob from moving. You can also teleport the mob to it's location. I can make the plugin for you, but I've tried disabling the damage and the projectiles but have had no luck there. You're choice.
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    Well all I need is the wither to stop moving on a location. The damage is adjustable through essentials plugin.
    If you would be really kind and try to freeze the mob on one place, that would be awesome.
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