Wither Bows and Arrows

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    So, my idea for this plugin is wither bows and arrows. What this would do is it would allow you to somehow make an enchantment to get a wither bow enchantment. This would allow it to shoot wither heads with explosions when you fire it. It would use regular arrows, but look different when shooting it.

    If this plugin already exists, please link me to it. Thanks!
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    This is not axeacly how you told it, but you can change the stick to arrow or wither skull :)

    The file: WitherElements.txt

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  3. I'm quite sure I've seen this somewhere already,
    I think it's in the Super Craft Bros made by SethBling, which was picked up by a server and made a plugin that supports that.
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    I don't think they ever picked it up though as its own plugin. If they did I can't find it.

  5. He uses that right at the start.


    is the server.
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    I know that. What I am saying though is that they don't have a plugin just for this. They only have the entire Super Craft Bros plugin in its whole. Not just this one part. I am only looking for this one specific part.

  7. I see, my bad.
    If that plugin were released publicly I could easily find what created that effect.
    I might be able to recreate it though.

    Edit: I don't directly see a way to create a custom enchantment in a plugin.
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    How about indirectly?
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