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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Major_Derp, Jun 26, 2015.

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    Hi, I'm the creator of ZombZ a really old zombie modification plugin (A little more than 2 years to be exact) But I am back from the dead, and I finally decided to get on my Bukkit account!! Looking over the comments, and messages I have received there were many people that wanted support or wanted this outdated plugin to be updated. The day that ZombZ gets updated has finally come!!

    With this final version, there will be countless new add ons to the plugin. Some of these features include:
    • Entity Blacklist(Choose which entities you don't want to be replaced by zombies)
    • More customizable zombies!!
    • Better Zombie spawns, different armor probabilities, drops, fixing general spawn bugs
    • Configurable potion effects (Not sure if already implemented)
    • Configurable Zombie drops!!
    • Zombie Hunter mode (This is top secret and is in Alpha stage, but will it be coming in the next update?)
    • Literally any other add ons or features you guys want, lets go out with a bang!!
    Here is the original plugin page on Bukkit: ZombZ Here was my old [WIP] page [WIP]ZombZ

    I'd like to dedicate this version to all the ZombZ supporters, and anyone who has benefitted from this plugin. Remember all the code is open source, don't be afraid to make the next big plugin!

    Tell me anything at all that you would like to see implemented, give me all your feedback and any suggestions, lets make this version the best version!
  2. I remember using this plugin for a friends server. @Major_Derp nice to see its back from the dead.
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    Thanks man! And how did he like it? You guys have an features or any thing you'd like to be implemented?
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