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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by gnftoxic, Feb 15, 2011.

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    XenuStats - The Next Step in Game Tracking.

    XenuStats is to be release sometime on Tuesday, March 1st, 2011. XS will provide the following functionality:
    1. Tracking based on every server, every player.
    2. Server status - including amount of players online, and every players' stats on that server.
    3. Blocks placed / destroyed.
    4. Joins / Quits (more likely to be removed in future versions, more of a debug function)
    5. Deaths
    6. Online Time
    7. Online / Offline status
    8. Server Admins can view recently used IP address(es) of player in question, and relative in-game names.
    9. In-Game command: /xstats <playername> [global]
    10. XML Data for Players (soon to add servers!)
    We hope to perfect all of the above by Saturday, however if it's needed, we will delay til' Sunday. We do not see this as a problem though.

    We do have a few planned functions:
    1. Steps Tracking
    2. Notify Admins of possible griefers
    3. Track all blocks / specific blocks per-player
    4. Mob Kills (possibly Player Kills, however both are on an unknown ETA)
    We are open to all suggestions.

    Thanks to @dv90 (XS Admin & Developer), @gnftoxic (XS Admin & Developer) @Direct1221 (Beta Tester), @nakashimakun (Beta Tester) for making this plugin possible, and bug-free.

    Website: http://www.xenustats.com/
    Project / Bug Tracker: http://redmine.xenustats.com/
    IRC (Live Chat): irc.vbirc.com #xenustats
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    That sounds awesome.
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    This sounds fantastic.

    Maybe you could use the netstats to get the online/offline script as that has it in.

    but I'd love something like this that has a stats ingame and website for out of game :D
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    I was tempted to implement online/offline player stats, but I was considering how much processing power it may or may not take .. actually I just thought of a new way to not have to do the complicated way I had set before... this may be possible now :p Thank you.
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    =) No problem and I can tell you that netstats has no negative effects on the server. :)
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    I would like this (With the ability to run off my own server).

    This would be great to have for my users. I do not get on enough to be able to monitor my moderators & I have been thinking they are spawning items (using /i & /give). This would allow me to see that they are cheating (alot more items placed than destroyed)

    Also, would be great to have as I could make stats based on users. I could make charts for busiest time of day, for busiest day of the week, etc.

    I could also make stats like most blocks destroyed & most blocks placed.

    Honestly, this mod creates endless possibilities :)

    I could have so much fun with this! I hope to see this soon!
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    Glad to hear it'll be of use to someone - I'm actually working on it right now. I'm creating the server sided MySQL tables for now. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, I'll have to talk to the guy developing the server.

    You'll be able to track your local server stats if you use the global server too :)
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    Hello Gnftoxic.

    I have a VPS which I run my servers on and if you need it testing im able to test it for you. Thats no problem at all :)

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    We will probably be needing testers here within the next 72 hours to finish up.

    My priority is to finish the bukkit add-on and the website (where server owners will have to register their server and obtain a api key). I'll be sure to let you know when we're ready. :)
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    Hello gnftoxic.

    I can also offer a good host as I have a website with practically unlimited everything. I'm not joking bandwidth and everything. I can give you a sub domain.

    Also Yeah I'd be able to test being as my job is home based I can test any time :D

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    You don't need to worry about my website hosting or anything of that sort.
    I host my own server (Intel Quad Core X3440 w/ hyperthreading, 2GB DDR3 RAM, etc. running on Ubuntu). I'll have no problems hosting a website. Btw, unlimited is a unrealistic limitation. There's always a sort of limit, and any host will eventually shut you down if you use too much. Just sayin' :p
    Oh, and .. I have at least 20 domains, so that's not a problem either.

    Thanks for the offer, but like I said, you don't need to worry about me. I'm set for now at least.
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    I know i have 10TB to my domain alone which I know for a fact unless I did something very intense its unlimited xD but okay just thought I'd offer.

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    I am really looking forward to this :)

    I would also be able to test this as well, I can set it up on a test server, get a few of my regular members to try the server for a bit.
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    Glad to hear :)

    For the first release, we'll be tracking the following stats:
    • Player:
      • Blocks Placed
      • Blocks Destroyed
      • Connects
      • Disconnects
      • Deaths
      • Online Status (and what server)
    Just a quick note, I cannot guarantee the online statuses will be in the first release.

    I have temporarily disabled step tracking until I can figure out how to actually measure the steps, considering the only thing I'm given is the hook 'PLAYER_MOVE' :p

    We're currently implementing the main servers' authentication with the bukkit modification, optimization for the info server so that we can guarantee uptime, etc.

    Thank you for all of your responses, everyone. This certainly has made it worth while continuing with this project.
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    Been thinking about the way your going to have a main server. I think in a way thats bad as you've seen with Notch and Minecraft.net every night between 8-10pm i struggle to get on minecraft. And if this got really busy I don't think I'd use it in the fear that my stats won't get logged and Im going to be using this for a community anyways so how much longer would the Java server files come out after the release?


    Keep up the good job.
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    Assuming that my optimization methods that we're putting in place on both the server and the bukkit mod, that should be completely avoidable unless my server is being ddosed. However, if you still wish to switch to your own server, we'll be releasing the server software as soon as we can for people with your same opinion. We'll just need to make it configurable before we release it.

    I may implement a redundant fail-safe system, meaning a secondary server in case the first one goes down. This wont be necessary until I know how much traffic this mod gets.
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    I'd still rather host it all on my one box. As like I said before I'm going to be running it for a community. I kinda would prefer to use my own systems as I'd hate to waste them. How come it'd need to be configurable and your fail safe Idea sounds smart. Sorry for being picky and annoying it's just I love the idea of your stats system but I think making it have a global system then branches off should be good but you should allow the users to have the server files aswell so that they get a choice within that they can have a "public" server thats linked to the main stats and or they can have "Private" server which mean they host everything and have the website with a massive button on for you.

    But this is just my intial thought I think that it should be released with both as im sure that will greatly grow the amount of potental users this plugin will have.

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    The public servers that link to the main server will take some serious time to perfect and make sure nothing goes wrong with them. Private servers will be the only type of integration for now.

    I completely understand your thoughts on that btw. That's why I was so uptight about the offer you mentioned earlier.

    Configurable meaning your own custom options, e.g. MySQL host / user / pass / etc., what to track, what not to track... all that type of stuff. However, the first server release will probably only support mysql configuration.

    If you have any more questions, you are welcome to come visit me in IRC @ irc.vbirc.com channel #hx.coding (or click here)
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    So your going to be releasing the server files so everybody can set the stats up and not have it linked to the main database then? or am I getting confuseds and I understand your view but I'd love to help test anyway I can but I'm running a community so if you wish I can test that part of the plugin for you.

    So just clear this up for me. First Release will that be connecting to the gobal database or will people be setting up the local servers and having the stats push themselfs to mysql?


    Sorry if im annoying or seemingly pushy I think your doing a great job it's just I don't want to see it turn out like my friends plugin he was writing for l4d2... (I know different game) But he had the same Idea of using A master server/database.
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    Currently, I will not be releasing the server files immediately. Once those files are released, the private servers will not link with the master server.

    Any private servers will have to use MySQL to actually have their own stats.
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    I'll have to wait and see what happens I'll keep a check up on this plugin. When do you think your first release will be?

    Thats easy enough to get. mysql is one of the easiest things to get now=a=day's.

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    I expect a release by Sunday night at 8PM Central Time (UTC -6). However, it will surely be earlier if I keep developing the way I do. I've finished the necessities of the bukkit mod, I'm helping the guy on my team develop the server to work perfectly with the mod, and then we'll just be making the site look mega awesome Friday night / Saturday morning. Earliest will be Saturday, basically. :)
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    Thats Fantastic News.

    As soon as you have a release out I'll try and get it installed on my server/website. :)

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    Final update for the night.
    Statistics are working per-server, not globally atm.

    Tomorrow, I will be implementing global stats & deploy the plugin onto my own two servers for a test. Currently the plugin is able to update the databases with ease. Player statistics are to be implemented as well.

    The website is to be started tomorrow, along with API Key verification.

    All player stats will only be displayed from the stats website until we build the statistics for external websites and game servers. There will be a few ways of fetching data, but this will be left alone for now. It's something I'll worry about tomorrow afternoon.

    All (global) player data will be read from each one of our servers every hour.

    Scheduled beta test release via PMs: Saturday night @ 8PM Central (UTC -6). If you wish to partake in the beta testing, you are welcome to send me a message here on the Bukkit forums.

    Please note: This assumes that our tests on our own servers are positive results. If there are any negative results present themselves tomorrow (e.g. extreme CPU usage, memory usage, etc. from either bukkit or the custom server itself) we will delay the release time.

    Our terms of services will be up as soon as possible, however these are the key points:
    1. We reserve the right to blacklist any server, player, or IP address that is found abusing the stats plugin (e.g. modifying stats, attempting to exploit server, etc.).
    2. You do have the right to make a statement and try to have a ban revoked, however it is unlikely should the circumstances present to be .. unrealistic.
    3. We provide this as a non-profit service. Any donations to the HailXenu team go towards the server(s) and software powering the back-end of our services.

    FYI: All servers must be registered via the website, and you must obtain a unique apikey for each of your servers.
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    I will install this ASAP as well :) I already got the test server ready to rock and roll, just nee the files to drop in, config a few things and BOOM! i'm working for your project :p

    Just lt m know where to go to register, to get my API key, and the files VIA PM and I wil have this working... will have quite a few regular users using this server for a test period of 4 days if thats long enough?
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    I will probably be testing for 24-48 hours. If the website isn't up, I'll most likely be providing an API key to authenticate with.
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    Ok, sounds good. Just let me know VIA PM, or a quoted message on here letting me know this is ready to be tested.
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    Will do. :)
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    Just want to add a small note.

    I'm developing the server-side of this project and will be releasing a Java, multi-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) application and in addition, I will also release a Windows-only .NET application. If there are any features you would like to see in the server-side of it, just post them here and I will be happy to add them in.
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    For Nix, I would like to see charts for busiest time of day if you can, and maybe busiest day of the week?
    Also, like I am going to implement when I can get my hands on the server-side info, I would like to see most used materials, usergroups with most used materials, deaths, kills, tools destroyed (not a feature as i believe, but would be cool), & maybe, just MAYBE ask and see if you could integrate into simpleshop to show how much items have been sold / bought? :)

    Just some feature suggestions.
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