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    What is MCraftPanel?
    MCraftPanel is a free minecraft admin panel that lets you fully control your server from your browser.

    What makes MCraftPanel stand out from other Minecraft Admin Panels?
    Other admin panels are centered over starting/stopping the server, basic statistics, basic plugin options, basic world options, basic general options and console access.
    While MCraftPanel is the solution for multiple tasks such as:
    • Getting information about your server, like player specific information, plugin specific information, general statictics, full customization and much more.
    • Administrative specific to make maintaining your server easier, like To Do list, Staff Applications, Bug/Suggestion reporting and more.
    What features will it include?
    While features for MCraftPanel are still being thought, here is the current list that we are going to add.
    • Read/Send commands and messages as you would do in the console.
    • File Management.
    • Ban/Unban users.
    • Backup, Restore, Load, Save and Disable worlds.
    • Kick, Ban, Delete players.
    • Retrieve, Enable, Disable plugins.
    • Add, Remove, Retrieve members from the whitelist.
    • Edit world based information (difficulty, gamerules, keep spawn in memory, pvp, gamemode, etc).
    • Add, Remove, Retrieve staff for admin panel.
    • Retrieve, Edit player information.
    • Edit server information (Maximum players online, global gamemode [if the world doesn't have a preference], etc).
    • API (So developers can extend the admin panel).
    • General statistics (New users today, players online, Plays today, Unique, etc...).
    • Multiple Language Support.
    • Custom Theme Support.
    • Staff applications.
    • Web based Bug/Suggestion messaging.
    What features might be added?
    • More Statistic tracking.
    • Multiple Server support.
    • Start/Reset/Stop a server.
    • Edit server based information (ram, permgensize, etc).
    Do I need help?
    All the help I need at the given moment is in:
    Website design, since I don't have much experience in web design.
    If you want to help you must know: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (or TypeScript), JQuery.
    Shoot me a PM if you want to help and know the language mentioned above.
    Testing, since there will be lots of material to test once the plugin is released.
    If you want to help testing you must:

    Development Log
    Finished Website to Plugin Connection.
    Finished Plugin Package handling.

    Coming as soon as I have a working design.

    Will this ever hit open source?
    There are no current plans of making it open source, but there is a chance.

    Will this be completely free?
    Yes, as long as I can afford to leave it free, in the worst case if the project doesn't get donations over a period of 3 months from being release the project will either have a development decrease or the project will be abandoned and made open source (if it isn't already).

    The name "MCraftPanel" might change if a better is thought.
    This project will probably take 1 to 2 months to get a beta release and another month to have a stable release.
    The main reason why I posted about MCraftPanel so early on development, is to know what server owners want/usually use in admin panels, to see if I can get help regarding the mentioned aspects.
    All suggestions are welcome, same with criticism as long as its constructive.


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    Only one reserved spot should be fine, no need for 3.
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    Phasesaber Why would you bump a thread from over a month ago to say that?
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    uh, will this be out soon, i know its old, but i really want to use it :D
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    I'm not entirely sure I'll finish it, but odds are I will. (I abandoned this project a while ago, but I'm thinking of retaking it)
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    Let me know if you need some help in finishing it :)

    Had a similar idea a little while ago, but I figured I didn't have time to write one from scratch. I've been developing web apps for about 2.5 years, and I'm confident in jQuery, Javascript in general, HTML5, CSS3 etc. I also develop plugins in Java so I'm not blank in that area either.
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