Inactive [WIP][WEB/ADMIN] McMyAdmin 2 - Beta 1 available to download now (Win/Linux/Mac) - Easy to install!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by PhonicUK, Nov 7, 2011.

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    PhonicUK - Amazing work! Cannot Wait! Multiple users? OMG YES!
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    @PhonicUK Is there a way to change the command line that McMyAdmin uses? I don't want to use the default command line. I would much rather use our custom one.
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    Look at the javaopts setting in the MCMA config file.

    Yes but not for some time. MCMA has very little (if any) performance impact, typically using around 40MB of RAM and too little CPU time to measure.

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    Will there be an option to change the RAM usage monitor from a percentage to how much ram it is actually using (like it is now)?

    i.e instead of 15% it will say 150mb/1024mb
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    The configs are quite wierd. I looked at both the McMyAdmin.conf and McMyAdmin.conf.default. The settings in there do not match what is set in the web panel. Eg, the passwords do not match up.
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    By default that's how it normally behaves. It only shows it as a percentage when a host specifically configures it to do so. There's a file called Config.js which contains UI specific settings.

    Hosts use it because of user confusion about RAM. Users unfamiliar with servers would purchase say a 1GB VPS, of which 768MB would be the Java heap, leaving 256MB for the OS - and they'd complain to the host that they're getting less than they paid for (even though they weren't). So hosts asked me to add a hidden setting to change it.

    The configs are pretty straightforward. The passwords are MD5 hashes instead of plain text, so they won't appear to 'match'
  7. Multiserver!? no install Mono?! perfect! i want this! cant wait to install on my dedicated server! whit 24gb of ram and 8 cores.

    you going to make it fully configurable?

    bukkit, offlinemode, plugin database for users of multiserver (basically a plugin folder to install on more than 1 server), and all things like that?!
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    It actually isnt that im worried about. Its the fact that all of the other setting such as slot limit, whitelist, messages and smaller things such as thoes that are not matching up.
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    Sounds like your working directory is probably wrong, if you try to do:

    mono /path/to/McMyAdmin.exe

    Then it'll pull default settings, but if you do:

    cd /path/to; mono McMyAdmin.exe

    Then all is well.

    Also remember that things like the McMyAdmin slot limit and MOTD are not the same as the ones in and have different functions.
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    hey PhonicUK , it would be cool if there were more themes for the "server status image"(not just different colors)
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    You can replace the images with a custom template of your choice already (so long as you have access to the files that is)
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    Oh. Thx, didn't know that
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    It's getting there! Best way to get the 'up-to-the-minute' updates is to follow PhonicUK on Twitter :)

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    Must just say that this looks amazing! Will be really fun to try this one out when it's released! :) Keep up the good work!
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    very sexy :)
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    PhonicUK Will this cost the same as the current price of McMyAdmin? (Ooh! Even better, Free!;)) Just kidding, know that's not gonna happen!:) I could understand why not though...
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    It's going to be the same. Existing MCMA users won't have to pay again though :)

    More sexiness: (Look at the scroll bars)


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    Loving it :cool:
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    Possible feature request? If possible when you have multiple logins to MMA that when someone uses the chat that it wont say console instead say the login name? It gets annoying when I speak with players through console chat and they are always asking who it is as we have multiple admin that have access to it.

    And for Schedule instead of preset minutes be able to type in our own numbers?
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    Oh God I want this, I want this so hard. But I'm ineligible for the Beta :c. Enterprise license on a VPS production server, not enough bandwidth to test it on my own :c

    Godspeed, PhonicUK, Godspeed.
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    The first one will likely be done, second one can't be done because of the way the scheduler works (You can only use factors of 60 as the number of minutes, all of which are listed)
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    SO Awesome <3 <3 <4
    BTW, I currently can't let McMyAdmin (1) take care of my groups and permissions because it doesn't support multiworld configs, or chat formatting since it removes all the '+' signs mChat is using. Will this still be a problem?
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    PhonicUK - If I have to wait any longer, I will pee my pants. :D

    He said that will be fixed v2.

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    Nice ! :D
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    Nathan C

    Wonder who is going to win in releasing first...this or SpaceBukkit...
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    It was gonna be SpaceBukkit but for some reason they delayed it further. So its anyone now.
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    Again, we never said ETA >_<
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    It was not what I was told.
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    "Should" and "Today" ...
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