Inactive [WIP][WEB/ADMIN] McMyAdmin 2 - Beta 1 available to download now (Win/Linux/Mac) - Easy to install!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by PhonicUK, Nov 7, 2011.

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    See the first post. It'll be an upgrade so everyone with a current paid version of MCMA will get it free.
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    Is that revelant to his question?
    i mean the last free for users part.
    It made no sense for me first time reading the sentence.
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    Since he differentiated between the 'current' MCMA and MCMA 2, I was taking a guess at what his next question was likely to be. I don't really see MCMA 2 as a separate 'product', just a continuation of the existing one.
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    OK great! cant wait to try it out.
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    Nathan C

    Oh god, this is hot!

    I was never a fan of the control panel, because of all the mono junk you had to install, but this.....this is awesome.
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    Indeed that is one of the biggest pre-installation complaints, now under 64-bit Linux systems you'll just get a native binary that you can run 'out-of-the-box' without having to install extra libraries (hopefully)
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    I'm off to download McMyadmin free later, I'm fed up with MultiCraft, Spacebukkit is taking too long, and I'm not sure what is hapenning with @craftpanel
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    I've got some serious Déjà vu going on here xD
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    Which panel are you talking about?
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    @JWJ Has a great custom 'vanilla' panel for his company.
    I wish something like that would be released, but to me it looks like McMyadmin is reasonably close
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    All of them. I've seen a lot of control panels 'announced' with lots of nice looking screenshots but never actually make it off the ground beyond very limited private betas and the like. A small handful launch but never get a large user base and don't get maintained for very long. Take BukkitAdmin for example earlier this year - lots of screenshots and excitement, a few public releases, discontinued just a few months after being released.

    It's why I generally don't get worried about any of them becoming 'competition' for MCMA, which boasts a massive installation base of over 10K servers and in use by over 20 game service providers and is always the first result if you google "Minecraft admin panel", "Mincraft web admin" or any other combination of similar words. You'd have a massive job breaking into its market.

    Being a paid product means that MCMA always has the resources to keep being maintained, it was the first web panel for Minecraft and it's still around more than a year later with plenty of resources to expand and develop it. Any free software can only be developed in the free time of its developers which have other commitments, and any server admin with the resources to run a proper Minecraft server won't so much as blink at the one-time cost of MCMA. There is a lot of truth in the idea that "You get what you pay for" in this case.

    Without major sponsorship, none of the other projects could afford MCMAs > $300 USD/mo server bills which house the VPS farm used to test and develop MCMA on a wide variety of platforms as well as the backend services that MCMA uses. And without those resources, you'd have a real job ensuring that anything you make runs well on the wide variety of platforms that Minecraft servers occupy. At least one panel I came across only worked on a single GNU/Linux distro because they didn't have the resources to ensure that their software would work on other systems.

    So with one panel taking a long time to get off the ground and another seemingly stalled, it's just business as usual for me at the moment getting on with MCMA 2. :)
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    So I assume you work on McMyAdmin part time then?
    I certainly agree with you on the paid aspect, although personally I prefer a full featured product with ads. But yeah for many cost is nothing. I develop for a server that pays some ridiculous amount like $500 a month to keep running.
    Another question: how many of you work on McKyAdmim
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    nice :D, can't wait for 2.0, although i do not have a remote server (yet), i'll be using this :p.
    i might even build my own server, or use a server from my dads office :p
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    md_5, after this sentence I seriously doubt your ability to judge ANY of our panels.
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    @PhonicUK I get your point, but free products that never get launched or only partialy because of high server costs?
    I guess you've never heard of Linux then ..
    You got lucky because you were the only decent panel back in the old days. But people like choice and change, etc
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    I'm with Redstone Host, this means I'll get this update when it comes? I can't wait! :D
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    True story. So I'll give both of you "contestants" a shot when releases are set and ready ;)
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    I'm by no means saying its the only reason, but you must keep in mind that the GNU/Linux project is backed by very large amounts of corporate investment from IBM, Intel, Google, and the other big tech giants. Same goes for the other darlings of open source such as (Firefox which is still largely funded by Google) and MySQL.

    I am definitely a proponent of open-source projects and regularly donate to them, but there is no escaping the reality that it takes time and money to develop any project.

    Indeed I did get very lucky. But what keeps a project going is the flow of resources and donations will only get you so far. If I'd given MCMA away for free, I wouldn't have been able to afford the cost of its own development and it would have fallen to the side like so many after it.

    Every week an alternative project takes to get off the ground is another hosting company and around 150 more users that McMyAdmin grows by (40% of which will purchase the pro version).

    On McMyAdmin itself it's just me. There are two third-party developers who work on the mobile apps (one for iPhone, one for Android) but they aren't hired by me - they just pay a small royalty to use the MCMA name and logo and to receive promotion and endorsement.
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    How bout custom minecraft server startup scripts and is there any way to do drag and drop plugin installs?
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    Yes. There were quite a few panels that rose and fell. I would be an ignorant if I ignored this.
    And yes. Making such a thing takes much time and effort. Not knowing this would be naive.

    But when I started SpaceBukkit, I didn't think about that. I didin't think about making money, I didn't think about competition.

    What I thought was: I want to do a panel. Many others failed, but I want to try. I want to see if it's possible. I want to see if I'm able to provide something to the community that it would appreciate. Something awesome.

    Then I started development. Shortly after @NeatMonster and @Jamy joined the team, amongst others who dropped out.

    During development I fell more and more in love with our work. It grew, became mature, became beautiful. Better then anything I had ever imagined.

    I liked what I was doing. Every day I would go to out dev site and see more beautiful things crafted, every day.

    Without going deeper into my increasing sentimentalism, I just want to look back at what we did, and what we intend to do:

    We are far from finished - hey, we are just starting! - and already have accomplished so much. It makes me proud.
    We'll go closed beta soon. You call it "very limited private beta", but for me it's just the confirmation that my work is appreciated.

    It may be that in the future we discontinue our work. Right now it doesn't seem like it, but who knows what will come? We already accomplished quite the amazing product.

    So what I'm trying to say here is: give us a chance!
    What we want is do something great for everybody. We're dedicated. We believe in it. We want it to go on.
    Other believe in us, too.

    Your work is amazing and sure will stay that way. But change is the nature of all things! How many times someone said that you couldn't do something, and it was done? You are the living example of that, minecraft! And you, McMyAdmin!

    Let's just all keep doing what we do. Everybody has a choice, and we do with it what we want.
    With this words I conclude this excessively boring and sentimentalist post.
    Antariano out.
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    Just because I'm not using it now, doesn't mean I won't be in the future. I used Multicraft, judged it and didn't like it. Spacebukkit is not out, so what else am I supposed to do?
    I have to run a server, and at the moment McMyAdmin is the ONLY viable option. Maybe I don't like everything about it, but the point is, until further options open up those are my reasons behind choosing McMyAdmin.
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    Err, it's not that you're forced to use MCMA; there's always something like ssh & screen which still works fine for me.
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    Thats what I use and I am actually going to write a proper init + control script like I was going to before.
    At this stage I only want a panel to save time and make multiuser easier.
    As I said before @JWJ has a webpanel that is pretty much remote screen and I would kill for him to release it. Maybe as private use only.
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    Looks awesome :p
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    Does that mean MCMA 2 will run on Mac OSX natively too?
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    Undecided. I'm not currently building/testing on OS X. So for the mean time assume that Mac OS users will still need to install Mono. Only x86_64 GNU/Linux users are getting the mono-less builds at this time.
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    No mono for Linux yet not Mac?
    What the hell are you coding this in?
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    @PhonicUK Can't wait for 2.0 it looks EPIC :D
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    I don't own a computer running Mac OS. How am I supposed to compile anything for it and then test it properly?

    Support for Mac OS is pretty much at the bottom of the pile, I can count the number of MCMA servers running on Mac OS with my fingers, so generally its not worth the time or money.
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