Inactive [WIP][WEB/ADMIN] McMyAdmin 2 - Beta 1 available to download now (Win/Linux/Mac) - Easy to install!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by PhonicUK, Nov 7, 2011.

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    New: Apply for the McMyAdmin 2 Beta now at !

    For now, just a screenshot. In practice, somewhat functional.

    A few headlines:

    - No more installing Mono for 64-bit Linux systems
    - 'Unzip and run' installation for Linux (as is currently for Windows)
    - Multiple logins for the web panel, with per-user access control. (You can have a user that can restart the server, but not change its settings for example)
    - New advanced server analysis, knows when somethings wrong before you even notice.
    - New event tracking and monitoring, know exactly what happened, when, and who or what caused it.
    - Improved self-diagnostics, makes it easier to track down problems - and gives clear advice on what action to take to solve it.
    - Full console access


    Sexy, or very sexy?
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    In before all the "when is the release date?" posts.

    It's like porn for admins.
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    Oh my gawd.
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    :cool:i like
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    Holy $***. That's freaking fantastic. I agree with SynMonger, nerdgasms will rage.
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    Just thought I'd mention, Everyone who currently has McMyAdmin gets MCMA 2 for free!

    I hope to release this year :) More screenshots and info to come... (Can you say 'error velocity tracking' ? ;))
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    Oh btw, fix your iPod App.
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    how flexible are you planning on making the multiple logins for the web panel, with per-user access control?
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    Pritty cool will there still be banners or are you removing them ?
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    Someone else does the MCMA iPhone app. Might want to contact the author.
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    Oh, right.
    Well, someone tell the author it doesn't work, or someone give me something I can use to contact them.
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    It's not my app :p It's made by a 3rd party. What's up anyway?

    Pretty flexible. The mechanism I'm using allows me to specify 64 different 'permissible actions' that can be granted to users. So you can do things like say "User X can restart the server, but not stop it entirely" or "User X can change the settings that affect gameplay (toggle mobs, difficulty, etc), but not settings that restrict access to the server (such as whitelist modes)". So it should be flexible enough to keep most people happy.

    The in-game banner? I'm undecided:

    - On the one hand, it serves as a reason to upgrade to Pro - and provides additional advertising to users who don't already know about MCMA.
    - On the other hand, the player limit is reason enough for most - and almost everyone knows about MCMA these days.

    One compromise I've thought of is that instead of the message every 30 minutes, users would just see a "Powered by McMyAdmin"-style message once when they log in. Thoughts on this welcome of course.
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    @PhonicUK I entered all the server details, and it couldn't connect. That's all.
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    Did you use the right port? A lot of people seem to enter the port of the Minecraft server instead of MCMA. Also make sure that your MCMA installation is externally accessible.
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    Yup, port 8080.
    And I can connect to it via browser just fine. (also port 8080)
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    I Vote "Very Sexy". Also, you should remove the /lookup command just for McBans! :D
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    If a plugin registers a command it wants to use properly, MCMA will ignore use of that command (So long as your MCMA_Compat plugin is up-to-date) - been that way for a while now.
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    Awesome but I'm having a problem with the MOTD I cant turn it off I unchecked the check-box and restated nothing will work. BTW Windows Server 2008 R2 64Bit
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    Wrong place to talk about it - try the other thread or the official forums.
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    Rather than wasting a post to tell him to go post somewhere else, why don't you just help him out?
    Seems like the sensible thing to do..
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    2 reasons:

    If I don't keep all my support centralised, it becomes fragmented very quickly and impossible to keep up with. At over ten thousand users, it's important that I keep all my support in as few places as possible in order to help as many users as possible. Since solving a problem usually involves some back and fourth, cluttering up other places would just be annoying for everyone else.

    Second, with so many users, almost nobodies problem is unique. Chances are it's already got a thread post or wiki entry. So duplicating everything wastes time and effort.
  23. Woah great! Can't wait for release :D
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    Please get in contact with [email protected] and provide some information (values entered in host and port, do you host it yourself/provider, checked if McMyAdmin is only available in local network or from everywhere?)
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    I will when I get back home and fix my computer (It's not starting anymore! :O)
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    More sexiness:

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    Can it be deployed centrally or does it need to sit on top of the MC host machine?
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    The backend runs on the same machine as the one running the Minecraft server. However the frontend can be hosted centrally if you wish (some scripting required)

    If you've got an existing mechanism that starts Java, you just make it start McMyAdmin instead, and it takes care of running Java.
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    Still waiting for bPermissions support :p
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    I cant wait to get this
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