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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by winston100, Nov 24, 2012.

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    What am i working on?
    Well i'm working on a Website Administration Panel called "Dirt Panel"

    FTP login
    Chat console
    Account settings
    Plugin Managemant
    Disable/Enable plugins
    Backup worlds/Disable and add Worlds
    Adding web admins
    Kick user/Ban user/Remove user
    Error console

    Do i need Developers?
    If you want to help me? Contact me on skype "Winston1888"
    PHP (Not required but if you can it would be nice)
    Java (Required)
    MySQL (Not required if you can it would be nice)

    CraftDirt (Project leader and PHP,MySQL,Html5 coder)
    Trollface_xD (Coder and PHP,MySQL,Java coder)

    Update log
    - Removed calender
    - Added installation page
    - Added a Console
    - Users online
    - Added whitelist button
    - Added broadcast button
    - None at this moment

    Some screenshots Thanks to Josh_Kid for the logo :3

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    I love the look of it. I definitely think I'd use it when released.
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    It would be Open-Source so you can always edit it :) And if i got some more Coders we're going to add FTP because
    I cant make Java things only MySQL, Html, Css, And PHP Im still learning Java
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    Capitalize your "I"s and it's "What am I working on?", not "Where".
    As for "DirtPanel", it looks very sexy and I could definitely see myself using this when finished.
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    Its ok man, not everyones English is perfect. :p
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    Thinking I should move this to the work in progress section.

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    Ok thanks :)
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    The dirt logo is a bit pixelated
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    I know, Josh_Kid maked it for me. And minecraft is pixelated
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    Me Iz Josh_Kid
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    :p I know. Btw thanks for the Logo :D
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    Oh god the PHP it hurts
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    This looks great.
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    Thanks :)
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    I have 2 questions.
    About when will this be released?
    Will dirtpanel require a separate web-server or can I run it right off of the minecraft server itself, like milkadmin?
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    So if it's open source, where is the source?

    This sounds like a fun project :) I'll give you a hand! [modesty]I'm pretty darn good at java[/modesty] and I've dabbled in PHP and MySQL, so yeah! How can I help?
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    Its in the WIP forum, so I assume he's developing it currently, and will be releasing everything later on.
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    Ah yes good point :)
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    1. It requires a web-server
    2. When it would be released? If we're done. Its not 1,2,3 done. It takes many time to code it.

    Its an opensource project you can always help me if add me on Skype. We're getting inactive if i dont find more Developers.

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    Nice can i be some sorta beta tester or something?
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    Is there currently a place where we can see what the current progress is? Like Github/BitBucket?
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    Lovely..... When it released is it open source? I LIKE THIS!
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    I applied on Skype to be a developer, because this looks epic :)
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    Yep, it should be. If you read the posts above, he said that it would be open source.
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    Shiny Quagsire

    I'd like to do some sort of group project for the experience, and I know Java like the back of my hand when it comes to getting things done. I am, however, curious as to what would be required of me if I did sign up, since I don't really like accepting things before knowing what I will be doing.

    I do know a bit of MySQL. Not a lot, but enough to do simple tasks.
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    this looks like an awesome admin panel, but its been a couple of months since you created the topic and was wondering if we could see more images, maybe a video?, or if your feeling generous an early beta of it?
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    Appereantly he's kinda redoing all of this stuff.
  29. Wow! This looks nice. Can't wait for a release!
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    Well, nice shit :D I added you on Skype, I hope I can help you :)
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