[WIP] TradeShop - Intuitive, easy to use, easy to set up shops that use villager trading screens!

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    Please keep in mind that this is still in very early development. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. You can help out by contacting me on skype (jtjj222) or through the bukkit forms. GitHub

    I don't know about you, but I hate it when I join a server, go to the shop and see a bunch of cryptic signs that make no sense, take up too much space, and are just plain unintuitive. So I finally figure out how to buy what I want, just to find out that I need to mine, or look for another cryptic sign to sell the items I have, just to buy what I want.

    Screw that! Tradeshop aims to make buying and selling items as intuitive as possible, by using villager trading screens, easy to use commands, and meaningful search features. Here, I'll show you what I mean:

    User A wants to buy glass. He enters the command /buy glass and is presented with a screen like this:

    He flips through the arrows, and finds:


    He likes the deal, and takes it!

    But wait, you might ask, what happens when there are so many deals that he has to flip through, that shopping becomes tedious? Well, this is where the meaningful search features come in. He can type /buy <item> sort:inv to only show deals that he has the resources to buy, and so on.

    So far, only the /buy <item> command has been implemented. If you can think of other useful features or tweaks that would enhance usability, please tell me!

    Please leave feedback/suggestions!

    The plugin is in such an early stage that I would warn you before downloading. You can download an early build here.

    Currently, only /buy glass, /buy mushroom_soup, and /buy apple are supported. I will be adding configuration options shortly, so that server owners can specify the trades they want.

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