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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by dadaemon, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. Read this first: There are multiple videos in this thread, please watch them all! It will get better with each video! A comment or like would be appreciated so I know this thread is being looked at ;)

    Website: http://totalpackage.bolusdebeer.nl
    DevBukkit: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/totalquest/

    Last few months I've been working on a modular framework for quests. I've uploaded two YouTube movies to show a little test I've got running now.

    There is no test version out but any comments are welcome!

    This video will show you how TotalQuest uses the map through TotalMap to place menus. When the quest is activated you will also see a little demonstration of a scripted event from the TotalEvents framework.

    I've also been working on rich NPC interaction as show in this video.

    Here is a new video showing how the menu works for creating and editing quests.

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    Can you release a beta version?
  3. Beta version will be released when it's working as intended. There are a lot of stuff still needed to be put into. Check my BukkitDev page for releases.
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    Alright Thanks
  5. I've made a new video showing the possibility of quest chains. Also some events and objectives are shown.

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    Very impressive!
  7. I'm questioning these videos.

    Do you have some sort of client mod that is forcing the maps to re-render instantly?
    For example, the 3rd video shows you scrolling down on the quest creation feature with instant rendering.
    I could explain this by saying that each one is a pre-rendered individual map, but the map # in the top left never changes.
    So the only thing this leaves me to conclude is that it has to be some sort of client mod.

    If you could explain to me how you are getting maps to render instantly, it would be much appreciated as the API doesn't seem to have this functionality.
  8. I have a test version of TotalMap (the plugin that shows menus on the map) on the TotalEvents and TotalQuest pages on BukkitDev so you can download them and test it yourself. But NO client mods are needed for this.

    This was the main reason to make these plugins. To have a good user interface without any client mods.

    I don't have the source published yet but another mod that uses the same technique is ScrollingMenuSign. That plugin has it's source published so you could take a look at that one. If you can't figure it out just give me a pm!

    Also it is semi instantly. Something I need to change. As Bukkit/Minecraft keeps rendering the maps I had to add some kind of fail save. So I only draw the map once every 20 ticks and only when I've set the map to "dirty". (When I change something on the map I set it to dirty.)
  9. Right, we found that command under player to send map data instantly. (I'm not our coder so I really don't know anything about how it works)
  10. New video online!

    Here I show how to create a quest with objectives and rewards in game.

    I do have to say I cheated with the npc and event. Those were already made and are still not possible to make in game.

  11. New video that shows how locations can be selected.
  12. A new video on how you can create and edit quests including objectives, rewards and requirements. It also shows how to make a npc menu.

    All in-game!

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  13. Here is a new video showing some events of TotalEvents.

    Here I show some effects that TotalEvents can do.

    Shake the player for a period of time.

    A coordinated lightning strike. You can turn damage on or off.

    Create a coordinated explosion. You can set damage from 0 (no damage) to 5 (damage equal to tnt)

    This event can store and load schematic files
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    Hi I love this idea for a plugin but i was wondering if you could make it so that blocks could be changed on a person to person basis like complete a quest and a bridge is repaired. Also a a framework for branching npc dialog choices would be awesome. Thanks for listening and making such an awesome plugin!
  15. There is no way to show some blocks for one person and not for another. What is planned are event triggers. These are triggers made to start a certain events when something is accomplished. The same as with objectives in a quest.

    Also I will implement a secondary inventory for fictional items. This way you can have a "golden key" and when your near a certain door that door will open up for you. But only if you have this key. There is still the problem of other people walking with that person. But if you don't mind teleporting players then it's easily done.

    Also braching of the npc dialog is already in place. I just need to make a menu item to open other pages for it. (You can already make more pages with different items.)

    Thanks for your response! :D

    And here's another video. Just a test quest I'm working on to show some stuff TotalQuest and TotalEvents can do.

    The "Epic Quest Trilogy, the Temples of Iron, Gold and Diamond" part 1 of 3.
    (At time of writing it's still uploading.)

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    Codex Arcanum

    This plugin looks amazing. My Java abilities are far from impressive, but is there anything relatively simple I can do to help?

    Also, in regards to luckydog32 's post, you CAN show blocks for only one person (they just don't *really* exist). If you use the player.sendBlockChange() method, you can make the client believe that there is a bridge (as in the previous exmaple) even thought the server knows better. Fortunately, since the client sends location data to the server, you can easily stroll across the imaginary bridge.
  17. Ok. Thanks! Will check this out!
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    I'm not sure if you have this already but i think it would be awesome to be able to change npc dialogs/locations after completing a quest. Sorry if it seems like I'm throwing a lot at you, I'm in the process of making a questing server and your plugin seems the most promising. Thanks Again.
  19. No problem at all. I love to hear feedback. I'm a little bit shocked that I haven't gotten any more. :D

    NPC dialogs can already be changed through (in-)completion of quests. If you check the latest Youtube video you see that I talk a few times with "qbert" and every time it's a slightly different dialog.

    If you mean the starting text. That would be a bit difficult as you always need a page to start with. But I will find a way somehow :) (But other stuff first.)

    The status of this project is nearing a beta. As my development version already saves and load done quests and active quests, and I'm now working on the objectives. This means all your quest progress will be saved on restart/reload. Next on my to do list is adding a flexible repeat timer. Ex: "Once every 24h", "Once a day", "5 times a day", etc. Also the collect and deliver objective system has to be implemented.

    If those things are done I can see the plugin entering a true beta!

    When I'll release the final beta you can help with making modules for the plugins. I need to clean up the code first and make some interfaces and such.

    Those modules will be events for TotalEvents and TotalQuest.

    Already implemented in TotalEvents but as an example: Spawning of mobs, explosions, loading/saving to schematic file, etc.

    Or for TotalQuest, objectives; Kill mobs, go to location, etc.
    Or rewards; Money, items, etc.
    Or for the requirements; Do quest X first

    I've only made one module for the requirements, but I can think of a "Killed 100 zombies" requirement. Or maybe a "Found golden key" fictional item. (PS: Both are already on my mind and I will be working on those after the Total plugins are in beta.)

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    Awesome I can't wait!
  21. Been busy:
    • Saving/loading of active quests
    • More repeat options ("once a day", "once a week", "every hour", etc.)
    • Collect and deliver quests (or better, give objectives a way to check if they're done when the player tries to deliver it)
    Will probably upload a new version this night on the BukkitDev page.
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    Just curious does the collect and deliver quests include virtual items? I know you said you were going to add virtual keys and such for unlocking doors but having like a virtual family heirloom to retrieve would be cool.
  23. Not yet. I will create a whole other plugin for this. Like a virtual inventory.
  24. Added a few more videos.

    Shoot arrow objective:

    Epic Quest Trilogy part 2 - Iron Temple

    Deliver item objective!
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    This looks amazing! Is there any kind of multi-world support? For instance, I have a "main" world where the players reside, and an "adventure" world they get sent to on quests starting in the main world.

    Looking forward to your beta release.... :)
  26. Permissions are, if you're using the right permission plugin, settable per world. So those work.

    For other stuff where a location is needed it always saves the world name too. So it's multiworld compatible :)

    There are test releases out, you can grab them from my own website.

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    Are you going to upload TotalMap to a public repo? The map api documentation is lacking, it would help me out being able to read over the code and understand that section of the api.

    Also, I posted this over at /r/admincraft on reddit, it had some interest from the submission :)
  28. Yeah I know. I'm a sucker when it comes to documentation. As I'm still not satisfied with the code I won't post it publicly. But this won't take long. I'm focussing more on TotalEvents the last few days because I'm doing a role play event on the server I'm playing. This involves lots of events that I need to program. But this will only improve the plugin as I find bugs by the dozen.

    Also the latest weekly snapshot has (hopefully) opened some new doors for inputting large pieces of text.

    If you really want to use the map API send me an pm. I could send you some example code to work with.
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    Oh my god. This is looking fantastic! Please add me on Skype, I would love to talk with you! My Skype name is Shamwoow.
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    How do you set up the test versions? the totalmap is showing but TotalQuest it self is not working commands dont work and it doesnt load up..:p
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