(WIP) The Hunger Games Plugin - (Need help)

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by eatakiwibird, Apr 1, 2012.


Are you interested in the future/development of this plugin?

  1. Hell Yes!!!!!

  2. Hell No!!!

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    Get ready for the 1st Annual Minecraft Hunger Games! When finished, this mod will be able to be installed on any bukkit server, Where an admin could select any amount of space to become an arena, then with a simple command, that space will become an arena for the hunger games, complete with a cornucopia, impassible barriers, dangerous creatures, and natural disasters all controllable by game makers (ops)!
    Unfortunatley this mod is in very early stages of development, due to the fact that i am not experienced in modeling and textures. But I appreciate any and all help i can get!

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  2. We could possibly use this mod for our server. How long do you think it may take?
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    The estimated time that this will take depends on how much help i can get. Im decent at coding, but not very familiar with developing plugins. I also could use other coders to help add content that would make The plugin better. i also need help with creating textures and modeling for mobs, terrain, etc.
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    if only i knew java... :(
    still trying to learn it

    EDIT: whoops, casted my vote wrong :(
    ofc i meant HELL YES!!
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    i can help you. Im good at java and i can help with plugins
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    What do you mean by textures and modeling? Is this going to be a mod or plugin?
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    its going to be a plugin, duh
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    Sir Savary

    I hope you're aware that you can't use textures and custom models in Bukkit Plugins.
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    yes we know
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