[WIP/RPG] mmoParty v0.2 - Leadership based parties (Spout) [1000]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Rycochet, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Submitted here

    Updated to 0.3.

    Currently 2 Spout bugs affecting it:

    Text direction is screwed up (fixed in latest Spout dev builds) - multiple party members go off screen.
    Using /reload on the server will leave the old HUD on display (not fixed in Spout yet, and will affect other plugins).

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    Sounds great; can't wait to see this finished :)
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    It's fully usable for viewing party health now, just wanting to get it using a graphical health/armor display (currently it makes the line a lot longer with text - "@Rycochet: health=100% armor=100%"), and then get it using some form of non-blocking requester for new party invitations.

    Did realise I also need it to be able to display pet wolves and their health too... Not quite sure how I'll manage that yet lol
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    Updated to 0.4

    Earlier Spout bugs have all been fixed in latest dev versions (SpoutDev).

    Now uses achievement style notifications for party actions. Improved the source layout and API. Still using text health status (needs decisions to be made on Spout scaling for graphical elements).

    Now requires mmoCore plugin (utility functions for the various mmo modules).

    Update to 0.5

    Requires latest Spout, and CraftBukkit >1000 (1040 is suggested, 1042+ still breaks Spout).

    Now looks even better ;-)

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    Gimme Cookie!
    This plugin looks fantastic, can't wait for it to be finished.
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    Does not work for me running craftbukkit 1000, i can form a party however the gui does not show. Let me know if there's any way i can help as a server tester.
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    Up to 0.6 now btw - pets and a few other improvements. Links at the top always point at the latest release builds even if I don't update the topic.

    It does require the latest Spout *dev* builds (go to SpoutDev and make sure the server has the latest one, then make sure the launcher is updated and set to getting Dev builds too).

    The Arrow damage protection came in somewhere after CraftBukkit 1000, not sure exactly which version, but I'm sitting on 1040 quite happily (there's a change around 1042 that stops Spout working). You can change the "no_party_pvp" option to false and it'll bypass that check completely if it does bug out (really need to check versions, but as I don't know exactly which one...).

    Currently in the midst of adding Pets - they display properly etc, but I'm trying to improve how they're handled.
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