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    True RPG
    • Version 0.3.0 •​
    Download: [WIP]​
    Developer Team:​
    Class Developer: DrakeSpirit​
    Dungeon+Quest Developer: None
    Miscellaneous Developer: None
    NOTE: I haven't had the time to include everything the plugins got to offer on the thread yet but will do once I get the time, also sorry for the disorganized post and full on text of wall but I do hope you enjoy it.
    What makes this so different from all the other RPG plugins?
    I have noticed many RPG plugins out there are simply just recreating one after another, and simply not branching out and creating a new true way of experiencing RPG in Minecraft. We are here to introduce balanced game play and unique ways to explore the different classes we can tweak them into. Legends: True RPG presents a complete package of an unique dungeon instance game play that connects to quests, party systems, and as well as the new trait system where as players may customize and improve the abilities/spells as they advance through there adventures of slaying improved challenging mobs that has levels!
    Create Your Own Adventure
    Let your creative minds flow, create a world where you have dreamed of from an rising corrupted evil taking over the lands of the people to simple adventurer stories. Our Dungeon Quest system allows you to create a chain quests relating from dungeons to dungeons or simple traveling quests to discover new towns and meet wondering NPCs you have never seen unlocking new stories and quests! The possibilities are endless and your world is under your hands.
    Introducing the Legends
    These aren't your ordinary everyday heroes/classes, instead, they all serve a purpose and each have an ability and game play differ from the others. Melee classes are limited to only 2 abilities but the abilities are completely customizable, just like creating your own ability! Melee classes have a (Stand): Right-Click offensive active skill and a (Crouch)+Right-Click defensive active skill. Ranged classes such as the Magus and Ranger have completely different interface. Altogether, we are striving to introduce an fast-paced combat experience.
    Guardian (Sword): Progress 100% Done!
    Guardians are patient protectors.
    Despite wielding swords, their focus is not on dealing direct damage.
    Instead, they focus on preserving their health by blocking and wearing their enemy down by bleeding them dry.
    Standing still gives them time to focus on their enemy, increasing their chance to block.​
    Pros: Hard to kill, wears the target out with bleeding
    Cons: Fragile while moving
    Counter: Attack at range, use the enviroment against him (set ground on fire to force him to move)​
    Please visit here for more details regarding to this class.​
    Berseker (Axe): Progress 100% Done!
    Barbarians care only about 1 thing: blood, and lots of it!
    Whenever they see an opening, they won't hesitate to deal a critical hit, dealing extra damage.
    They shrug off arrows and magic with easy, and inspire their party members to do the same.​
    Pros: Resistant against spike damage, hard hitter
    Cons: Needs to keep his rage up to maintain his high damage output
    Counter: Use dots (burning, bleeding, etc) and spam damage against him, poison to disable rage bonuses​
    How to play a Berseker?​
    One simple thing you need, Rage. You gain rage by holding your right mouse button, you will begin to see your axe's durability bar going up, that is you charging your Rage meter, the more rage you have, the stronger you hits will become. Depending on what level you are, (X) Rage will deplete every second.​
    Please visit here for more details regarding to this class.​
    Ranger (Bow): Progress WIP
    Archers take care of their enemies outside the splatter zone.
    Their time hiding in treetops and behind bushes has paid off, as they have become one with nature.
    This gives them the ability to resist spells and control their blood flow.
    In their spare time, they modify their arrows to get stuck on their target and prepare poisons.​
    Pros: Ranged, can inflict conditions, resistant against conditions
    Cons: Wolf can be used against him, lower damage output when not using a preparation
    Counter: Kill the wolf first, then focus on the ranger
    How to play a Ranger?
    The Wolf is your best friend once you have tamed one, for now, the only class that can have pets are Rangers. Not only do you have a companion on your side, you will also have different varieties of elemental shots. To prepare a ability shot, simply Right-Click on the required dye and shoot with your bow!
    Please visit here for more details regarding to this class. (NOTE: Still work in progress meaning the info here may not be complete or certain.)​
    [Legend Class] Assassin (Bow + Hoe): Progress WIP
    Assassins are the shadows of its environment, silently taking care of enemies.​
    Requires the knowledge of its surroundings and uses it to its advantage with shadow hooks.​
    They are specialized in taking one enemy at a time, being able to vanish at anytime to another location. (Just read the info link before you judge ._.)
    Pros: can quickly move around the battlefield, can attack both ranged and melee
    Cons: no defense, low ranged damage
    Counter: attack while poisoned or while teleports are recharging
    How to play a Assassin?​
    Using the ability to plant your shadow hook onto the ground and infiltrate enemy base, you may right-click using your hoe to transport you back to your planted shadow hook within the given durations. May also seek the best opportunities to shot an arrow (Shadow Shot) to a enemy to instantly teleport to them striking them down while they are weak.​
    Please visit here for more details regarding to this class. (NOTE: Still work in progress meaning the info here may not be complete or certain.)​
    [Legend Class] Magus (Stick+Book): Progress WIP
    Magus control their environment to benefit their allies and hinder their enemies.
    They have a vast array of spells, using the caster's book.
    Their magic aura also gives them restorative powers, which they can channel to their party members.​
    Pros: Ranged, both offensive and defensive
    Cons: No passive party buff, no defense
    Counter: Poison​
    How to play a Magus?​
    The stick is your main attack, a slow but deadly magic missile that shots your target. However, your book is the most deadly item you posses allowing you to bind up to 3 spells to cast by Left-Clicking your book to target and rotating the desire spells by Right-Clicking the book. Spells require reagents. Expensive class to play like the ranger but very well worth it!​
    Please visit here for more details regarding to this class. (NOTE: Still work in progress meaning the info here may not be complete or certain.)​
    General Professions
    This part of the package was a rushed job but finished, may go look back to improve some things. General Professions are the skills you need in your everyday life, such as mining, and woodcutting, how can we live without these!? Here is a quick list of what we have done so far with General Professions.​
    Dungeon System
    (Simple WIP Dungeon on test server.)
    Dungeons are going to be simple instances that will reset after finish. Dungeons may or may not depending on your quest, can require a specific quest or class level to enter depending on the dungeon's difficulty. Upon discovering the entrance of the dungeon, it will require a group of 3-5 players depending on your configs, to enter and teleporting you inside the dungeon. Simply kill mobs and solve puzzles that you may set up for yourself to finish the dungeon! You may even add a boss to the end! (We are currently thinking of Ghast as boss Mob) Upon killing the boss and finishing the dungeon in general and depending on the difficulty set, a generated chest with loot will present itself to the party and teleporting them back out!

    To Do List:
    • Dungeons
    • Quests (Linking to Citizen)
    • Class: Assassin
    • Class: Magus
    TLDR (Too Long, Didn't Read):
    # Unique Classes
    • MAX Level 50 capped
    • Passive Skills increases every level
    • Trait Points every level
    • Very diverse game play style for each class
    # General Professions
    • Acrobatics
    • Mining
    • Excavation
    • Woodcutting
    • Herbalism
    • Fishing
    • Diving
    • Blacksmith
    # Party System
    • EXP Share on/off
    • PvP on/off
    • Party Buffs
    # Dungeon System
    • Requirements to enter (By Quest or Level Restrictions)
    • Re-loadable and saves
    • Difficulty depending on the Y-axis
    # Improved Mobs
    • Y: 60 - Level 1 Mob
    • Y: 45 - Level 2 Mob
    • Y: 30 - Level 3 Mob
    • Y: 15 - Level 4 Mob
    • Y: 0 - Level 5 Mob
    • The deeper you are underground, the stronger the mobs are.
    • Mobs gain specific abilities ( ie. Zombie bites you to regain health.) (Creeper explodes into fire)

    NOTE: I am too tired to finish typing up the whole package of the plugin and I am sure you guys are going to be tired reading as well lol, I will reorganized and make it more readable once I have settled down because I am getting on a plane tomorrow and need at least 2 days to settle down.

    FOR Develeopers:
    If you guys are interested in joining us on this project and visiting us on our teamspeak or test server, please let us know the following information!

    Java Experience:
    What do you want to work on?:

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    Do Want.
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    Contact?: Ummm whatcha mean contact? I got ya'll TS and stuffs
    Java Experience: completed first year Java course at highschool and will be taking both advanced courses next?
    What do you want to work on?: Plugins :D
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    hey sturpan long time no see :p
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    Looking forward to this release! I love your ideas =)
    I would help... but I'm not very familiar with Java :( Sadly I choose lua to learn
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