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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Suprem20, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Wedding V0.1

    I am making this plugin in a response to a previously made thread in the requests section, the wedding plugin will be a simple, straight forward plugin for any RP servers.


    - Teleportation to the married person
    - Merge Economy accounts (Possibly)
    - Suggestions?


    /marry (Player name) - Asks the specified person to marry them
    /ido - Accepts a marriage request
    /tpm - Tp's you to your husban/wife
    /divorce (Maybe)

    If you want to help me with the coding or beta testing, pm me or post down below
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    I have suggestions: A priest and all a bit more "official".
    So the 3 players (man, woman, priest) have to be near to each other for it to work, for example.
    Maybe you could merge the spawn points of the two players, too and let them sleep together in one bed (not sure if that's possible).
    //EDIT: And it would be awesome if tamed wolfes would belong to both players. But that would be hard to code, I think...
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    I will look into tamed wolves. Also for a priest or w/e it wouldn't be possible. You do it in game, old style.
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    Of course you do it ingame. A priest would be another player with the priest permission... :D
    I don't know what you mean with w/e

    I can*t use the edit function... :confused: But with have to be near I mean ingame, too. So people thousend blocks away to each other can't marry.

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    I guess you could go to a church waypoint if the person accepts.
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    I think i might have been the one to request this, lol.
    What about a honeymoon function? Once they get married they can go to a honeymoon area that the mods set.

    Thanks a ton btw
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    hmm if you do ever pick this up again, make sure you set a loooooong cooldown for both how long until you can divorce, and how long until you can remarry. don't want people pulling a kim kardashian to get free tp's. or maybe RP servers are into that, wouldn't know or particularly care.
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    You could make the players setup a zone inwhich only weddings can occur, if the players arent both in this zone then deny marriage :D
    w/e means whatever :p
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    I like the idea;

    How about an effect when they are together, perhaps this can be done with Spout?

    I know MapleStory had several wedding effect's and what not, might be something to relate too.
    *Paired Rings & aura*
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