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    Please inform me if this has been done or is being worked on or similar.
    Also suggestions and help are very welcome.

    I have a slightly bone idle personality and am currently in university so am not incredibly gifted with free time in which i have the drive to continue so i may end up calling it quits and handing this over to somebody if there is support.

    Also I'm a java learner (i started learning about 2 years ago and then stopped and haven't done much since so allot of time at first is going to be spent getting back to grips with it. so as i said Help is appreciated)

    What is Empires:-
    Empires is a mod that lets players create and attack other empires.​
    It works a bit like a zone protection mod but is as i like to say "volitile".​

    How it works:-
    - Functional
    - Not implemented
    - Partially implemented

    - When a player joins a server it informs him that he or she may join a team via chat command.
    - They can then use this command to join an empire.
    - Until he or she does they cannot place or destroy cloth blocks. (Admin changeable)
    - The current plan works via chunks.

    Expanding your empire:-
    - A player places a cloth block to capture a chunk.
    - limitations on where block can be positioned to ensure fairplay
    - preventing players placing on top of wool
    - The colour of the cloth block determines which team this chunk has been captured for.
    - The blocks allong the edge of the chunk then turn into the same cloth type thus showing the border of the empire.
    - You can then go and capture any adjacent chunk to one you already own by the same means.
    - when you capture a chunk any edges that border another of your chunks will lose their cloth bock border and be replaced by (curently dirt) >.>
    - Once a junk has all 4 surrounding chunks it becomes protected and only players from this team can build or destroy there.

    - Destorying another Teams clothblock removes teh chunk from their territory.
    - You will not be able to do this if​
    - You are not on a team.
    - the chunk you are in has 4 adjacent chunks by the same team as it (and is not your own).
    - it is the last chunk of a team.
    - your own team has no chunks
    - alliances?
    - (suggestions?)

    You can then place your own clothblock to capture the chunk.​
    You will not be able to do this if-​
    - you do not own an adjacent chunk. -edit- (possibly placing a diamond block beneath will allow you to without having an adjacent chunk)
    - you have not joined a team.
    - empire size limit (adjustable)
    - alliances?


    - (everything above)
    - multiple spawns maybe?
    - permissions support (will most likely be how teams are decided and some other checks are made)
    - stargate support (might talken to the dev about this depending how i do it i might need some help)
    -(anything i have missed or suggestions)​

    -make certain areas produce richer in certain minerals or provide a slow stream of them (possibly)


    - joining empire : done​
    - capturing areas : done​
    - uncapturing : done​
    - protection of secure areas (areas with same empire areas surrounding on all 4 sides) : done​
    - saving teams and captured areas : done​
    - loading teams and captured areas on server start : done​
    - multi world : 0%​
    - settings : 0%​
    - spawn system : 0%​
    - visual borders : 0%​
    - stargate support : 10% (cheap way to prevent building of gates = cant place obsidian in territory owned by others)​
    - permissions support : 0%​


    Beta : once borders and permissions work.​
    Submiting : once spawns are done.​

    • /joinempire [empire]
    • /listmembers [empire]
    - replace [empire] section with empire name. (currently red, blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, black, white)​

    Alpha Notes:-

    • (fix) - bug where leaving team writes territory information to team file.
    • added visable borders
    • added the ability to place diamond to capture non adjacent territories
    • changed colours above (can't remember everything)
    • multiple worlds supported
    • prevented placing above wool
    • leaving team
    • no way to leave team yet
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    Sounds cool. Hopefully commands will be easy to follow since my players are Eh...
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    Sounds like a pretty cool, pvp-encouraging idea. However, the first thing I imagined was a giant tower filled with colored blocks and a bunch of signs saying "go on, find the right one". In other words, make sure cloth block placing is locked out once the area was captured. Perhaps add a requirement that there must be free space from the block's position all the way to the top of the map (perhaps even a 3x3 column), to ensure blocks don't get cleverly hidden by players. Or just add some sort of a tracker/minimap (compass pointing to the nearest capturable block?) that tells invading parties where their target is.
    Make an admin option to limit the amount of factions, too. It would suck to have each player having a faction of his own.

    Other ideas?
    Make an option to turn chunks into resources. For example, placing a forge/dispenser/chest next to such a capture block could make it slowly spit out iron, obsidian, diamonds, sulfur or arrows (perhaps depending on the surrounding area characteristics?). Add a nice weighted economy factor making some chunks more strategically valuable than others and players will build entire cities in them. Make sure it takes long enough to capture the cloth block (+minimum player requirement? players of other factions in vicinity blocking the capture? faster if there's more people capturing?)
    Also, make sure players can bind their spawn points to chunks belonging to their faction (those could be automatically rebound to a nearest one available if the faction loses the chunk).
    And I'm not even going to try suggesting making an option to recruit spawnable skeletons/NPCs to guard the castle from other factions.

    I'm only writing all of this because you sound like you want something to keep you busy, though. Pick your features or ignore me altogether.

    Oh, and yeah, you get all the bonus points for making the interface easy on players. Feel free to make it as complicated as needed for the admin, but players would generally prefer to not go through a ten-page-long manual describing the chat commands, their syntax and proper usage.
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    firstly Status updated.

    Already done.

    I have been thinking about how to prevent it being buried in a mountain sounds good

    well the natural limit is 16 seeing as thats all the colours but yes i do plan on this.

    sounds like a good plan. give players a reason to capture

    this also sounds good but how to decide hte weighting and make it obvious so that players will aim to capture certain areas.

    currently destroying a block un captures and placing captures. but yes this is way to quick and is only really a place holder.

    i havent done the pawn system yet but yes this was the idea

    Thanks, yes i wanted this interface for players to be completely non chat based (for essentials asside from team joining) so far its all colour based around placing blocks and then a chat response if not allowed or succesfully captured etc.

    there will be accesible commands though for non admins, though ofcourse the server owner can decide which if any.
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 4:50 AM ---
    -- status update --
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    OMG ALPHA ALREADY? :) Nice, i think this is that what i really need, will test this now ;)
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    just incase.
    Its not aimed to be for protecting areas

    and currently capturing is way to easy
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    why no protect ? :(
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    It does protect areas

    But its not designed to be a protection plugin seeing as other empires can capture your territory
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 8:02 PM ---
    also new version with multiworld support (i think) >.>
    --- merged: Feb 22, 2011 3:27 AM ---
    -- Update -- version ALPHA 0.79
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    Alliances would make this rawrsome, then I can have a "community" empire that is a kind of neutral ground while other empires wage war.
    also provide hooks for other plugins to reference
    also on the point of uncapturing other people's chunks, make block mining slower on enemy chunks?
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    the slower mining i am looking at already

    this plugin has kind of been on standstill as bukkit updated for 1.3 so it back im getting back to it once i finish the coursework due TODAY D:

    so far i am already considering white and black as neutral so that admins can have a large area around their spawn safely captured. but i will in the end just make it definable by the admin as what teams can be joined by players and so forth. and which can be captured.

    i already have a rudimentary api set up so that plugins can get team of a player and if a chunk is owned by and empire and if its protected so they dont have to run the code themselves but so far not functional and not implemented.
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