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    Version: v0.1.1
    Background Story (open)
    The original idea came from: YourJob Request. At least it was a part of the idea. Instead of creating it from bottom up, I decided (in lack knowing the programming knowledge) to make it an extension of Jobs

    Adding chances to crafting.

    • Adds chances to crafting
    • Customize the chances for multiple jobs

    • Jobs (not required)
    • BukkitContrib (has auto-downloader)
    Download/Installation Instructions

    with ItemID Template (open)

    Installing is simple download the following zip: <see attachment>

    Extract it into (jar AND folder with config.yml): %appdata%\Roaming\.craftbukkit\plugins\

        DebugPrint: true/false
        CommandPrint: true/false
        DetailPlayerPrint: true/false
        ReturnOnFail: true/false
        FailToss: true/false
    DebugPrint: Does nothing more than to print what it has read from the yml reader, ideal for setting up the items.
    CommandPrint: When true it will print all the craft events where ChanceCraft is used with.
    DetailPlayerPrint: The player will always be notified if he has failed or not, but with detailPrint enabled you also let the player know what his 'dice-roll' was and his chance to succeed.
    ReturnOnFail: BROKEN, although broken this will toggle if resources are lost on a failed attempt.
    FailToss: if Failed the remaining resources are tossed outside the crafting area on the ground for anyone to pick-up.

    Customize is a bit more of an hassle.
    For all the items that will receive the special treatment must be inserted in the config.yml
    You can use this template to add items and professions.
            NormalChance: <0-100>
            ProfessionExclusive: <true/false>
                    ProfessionChance0: 0-100
                    ProfessionChancemin: 0-100
                    MaxProfChance: 0-100
                    MinProflvl: 0-maxLvl
                    MaxProflvl: 0-maxLvl
    ItemID: The ID used by your serverconfig for a item or block. ALWAYS PLACE 1 LETTER BEFORE EACH ITEMID, this is a bug I just can't get rid off.
    ProffesionExclusive: isn't working yet. ChanceCraft will be gentler to those not inside the profession an let the Player keep its resources.
    ProfessionName: the Exact name used in Jobs. This is case-sensitive.
    ProfessionChance0: the chance at lvl 0 of a profession until the MinProfLvl is reached
    ProfessionChancemin: the chance when MinProflvl is reached
    MaxProfessionChance: the chance when MaxProflvl is either surpassed or reached.
    MinProflvl: the lvl from which the chance will linearly increase from ProfessionChancemin to MaxProfessionChance.
    MaxProflvl: the lvl where the chance will stop increasing and will remain MaxProfessionChance.

    Note: Names will chance, I see now how random my names are.

    Current problems:
    • fail-with-resource-loss isn't working properly. When an item is crafted with resources still in the crafting area. The item that was crafted, but deleted by the plugin isn't completely deleted. If you would click an inventory item it will recognize it as a legit swap and still place the item in the inventory. Closing the inventory will also drop the presumable deleted item.
    • the .yml reader's .getKeys() command gives a list of Strings (List<String>). Yet when I try to go though the list with either a for-each or a while(hasnext()) loop when a number-only-key is used, then craftbukkit will nag that the String that was given through the .getKeys() command have turned it into Integers with all the "Cannot dereference/parse/etc"-errors as result.

    Very short term: getting the fail-with-resource-loss working.
    Short term: resource dependent chances/adding OP loop-hole
    Medium term: adding BlockName support/getting to the bottom of the number-only Integer in List<String> problem.


    Version 0.1.1
    • A futile attempt to fix the problem. Tried to solve it with the buckit PlayerInventory, but failed.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release

    A small update:
    A vid of the problem I am facing right now. I am starting to feel a bit desperate. It might be my own mod that isn't working right, or bukkitContrib, or the overlying CraftBukkit not wanting the player miss their beloved resources and just craft them anyway ;) .
    Still here is a vid with my problem:

    EDIT: ... God, what happened to my voice XD. Sorry for the quality, the conversion 'might' have messed up some things :)
    EDITeDIT: And my voice is faster than the vid... But you get the idea, I hope
    EDITeDITeDIT: take two, re-thing now with better sound:]

    The take two,
    Forum spacez out when trying to edit in a youtube vid:

    Noticed that I had IndustrailCraft modded into minecraft when testing this. After a clean install the problem persisted. Still trying to find a solution, have asked this on the BukkitContib/Spout thread. Hoping to find some answers there.


    Also noticed I have to place a licence on the Github...

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