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    The title says it all. This is a TF2 plugin based off of MCTF2.com. MCFaction Gaming has officially sponsored this plugin. Please donate and play on their server.
    This plugin is not an arena plugin like most other plugins, it is meant to be run on a whole server. You cannot run any other server along with this plugin. When a players joins the server, they are automatically put on a team!

    It is sill under heavy development, but you should be able to expect the first release in mid-summer (end of June/beginning of July).

    "*" = May not be included in the first release

    • Heavy
    • Scout
    • Pyro
    • Demoman
    • Soldier
    • Engineer*
    • Medic*
    • Sniper
    • Spy
    Game Modes

    • Capture the Intelligence
    • Control Point*
    • King of the Hill*
    • Payload*

    • Captures will be displayed
    • Time left in game
    • Personal Stats

    • Records kills
    • Records deaths
    • Highest killstreak
    Score System

    • Points are added to you from each kill and by the distance between the killer and killed
    • Points are subtracted by each kill and by the distance between the killer and killed

    Feel free to suggest any features that I may have missed and I might take them into consideration!

    The plugin can be found here.
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    Does anyone have any comments?
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    It's not original, but, nonetheless, good luck! I hope you are able to get this finished as you envisioned it in your head!
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    I just want other servers to have the closest functionality to those of MCTF2. Right now it seems that they are like the TF2 monopoly. With this, many people can have their own TF2 servers with their own modifications. I think this would go great with server networks who share economies and stats. I might hook into Vault and have a configurable payout for each kill or something…
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