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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by WHQ, Oct 28, 2015.

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    Most of us will probably remember the popular iOs/android game Doodle Jump that everyone used to play in 2010/2011. It is simple, yet fun, and you could play it a hundred times without being bored. I got the idea to recreate this in Minecraft for a while now.

    - different types of platforms (green, brown, yellow, red, white)

    • Green platform: launches player 5 blocks into the air.
    • Brown platform: Will not launch the player. breaks when a player jumps on it
    • Yellow platform: launches player 5 blocks into the air. After jumping, it randomly moves in a 4x4 range
    • Red platform: launches player 5 blocks into the air. Changes to TNT that will detonate after a while
    • White platform: launches player 5 blocks into the air. After that it will 'fade out'
    • More suggestions for platforms are really appreciated
    - customize your own levels with a built- in Game Maker.
    • Create levels wich players on the server can play in.
    • Customize your levels by adding/removing different types of platforms to your liking.
    - Compete with other players and beat their scores.
    • High-Score leaderboards
    • Co-Op mode where players can invite their friends to join their game
    - More Suggestions are welcome and will be really appreciated!

    Commands/ Permissions

    - Coming soon!


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    I remember DoodleJump and it was pretty fun.
    DoodleJump's levels were random. You should look into having levels that can be randomly generated as well. Also don't forget the enemies!
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    Thanks for the tip, i know that Doodle Jump level's are random and also infinite, i have been looking for ways to do this but it seems pretty complex to create something like that, unless a more skilled developer would come to my aid :p

    Enemies would be a great idea! I don't really know how i would approach it though. Perhaps flying entity's that can be killed by shooting snowballs at them?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @WHQ Suggestion: share the code somewhere, github maybe?
    would be able to help you with your code / issues / generation.
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    I am a little interested in this project. Setup a github for it (or if you want I can do it) and I can start with the writing structure of the plugin.
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    @timtower @teej107
    Thanks for your interest in the plugin, i will share the code through github soon. I have to study for a test now so it will probably be somewhere this week
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    Very interesting idea. I would also be interested in helping
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    @WHQ Seems like a great idea! Can't wait to play it.
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  9. I am also be interested on this, sounds like a good plugin idea :D
    But one problem: in doodle jump you can go through platforms (and then land on them). In minecraft you can't go through blocks.
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