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    Lost Realm Server
    By Captain_Creepers

    Background Info:​
    The Lost Realm is an epic Role Play and Survival server with custom mobs, factions and an amazing storyline. The storyline takes place on a mysterious planet with very little gravity. When you spawn, you may choose whether to join the green tribe or the blue tribe, and your destiny may be effected by your choice. With our variety of custom plugins, you never know what may be in store!​

    Now, the problem is, we need a variety of plugins. They are as follow:​

    Flying Cows: Self Explanatory

    Low Gravity: Gravity will be altered to make it so that a player can jump more than one block and can glide short distances.

    Teams: When you spawn, you may choose one of two teams. Each has a unique spawn point. Also, each team will not be able to hurt their teammates.

    If you are interested in becoming a developer for the server and believe you are capable of making these plugins, you may contact me on skype. (My username is CaptainCreepers)​

    Any plugin made for the Lost Realm is to be used ONLY by the Lost Realm and may not be released to the public! Full credit will be rewarded to the maker of any plugin used in the server! Thank you for your time and consideration while reading this page.

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