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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by creatorfromhell, Dec 5, 2015.

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    Hello! I'm going to get straight to the point, I'm looking for more developers to join a development group to work on various plugins, and possibly other non-minecraft projects. Currently I only have one major plugin that I work on, but have various ideas to expand that list.

    Current Plugins/Projects:

    The New Economy
    Feature Set (open)

    Current Features

    1. Administration
      1. Ability to check a player's bank
      2. Ability to check a player's balance
      3. Ability to give/take money from players
    2. API Features
      • Vault Integration
      • Plugin Metrics
      • Standard API
    3. Auto Saving
      • Ability to enable/disable
      • Ability to set custom save interval
    4. Banks
      • Ability to enable/disable
      • Ability to access via signs or a command
      • Ability to deposit and withdraw blocks and items
      • Ability to deposit and withdraw money
      • Saves bank item locations
      • Ability to have bank balances gain interest
      • Ability to enable/disable interest gaining
      • Ability to set custom interest rates
      • Ability to set a custom interval for interest
    5. Currency System
      • Singular and Plural Name Support
      • Ability to check your balance
      • Ability to give players money
      • Ability to pay people money from your own balance
      • Ability to have items as currency
      • Ability to have different currencies per-world
      • Ability to have a major and minor currency
    6. Language Support
      • Ability to change the default TNE messages
    7. Mob Rewards
      • Ability to reward the player money for killing a certain mob
      • Ability to enable/disable mob rewards for individual mobs
    8. Multiple Database Support
      • MySQL
      • SQLite
      • Regular FlatFile
    9. Multi-World Support
      • Ability to set configurations per world
      • Ability to charge people to change worlds
      • Ability to have balances set per-world
      • Ability to have banks set per-world
    10. Minecraft UUID Support
      • The New Economy keeps your users' data even if they change their username!
    11. MISC
      • Update Checker

    Planned Features

    1. Alpha 3.0
      1. Administration command additions
        • Ability to modify configurations in-game
      2. Lotteries
      3. Companies
        • Ability to have custom jobs
        • Ability to set custom pay check amounts
      4. Shop Signs
      5. Auctions
      6. Custom Plot Areas
        • Ability to buy, sell, trade and auction plots
        • Different types(Bank, Company, Personal, Shop, Trade)
    2. Version Unknown
      1. Currency Improvements
        • Ability to have tiered currencies
      2. Direct Player Trading(Alternative to Sign Trading)

    Current Members:


    There's a few requirements if you're interested, which are an ability to use Github. If you're interested in joining please reply in the following format:

    Programming Knowledge & Experience:
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