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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Nijikokun, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Are there rules for titles, if so.. I'm sorry. It's iColite. If you really dislike my topic title, I will not change it; If you like it, I will not change it. If a mod changes it.. It changes.

    Anyway, onto the work-in-progress part:
    I just installed all that maven goodness, setup a pom, and installed the yaml editor. *le-sigh* so much work just to start making a .... (Gotta keep in mind there are kids here) plugin. Alright, so this plugin will be essentially iConomy-lite. Codename... well, I've told you that name a few times now, see: iColite.

    Current Status:
    Setting up project folder. Deciding options, weighing stuff... stuff.

    Few things about iColite
    • May or may-not be compatible with old databases. Should we have a converter? If so, how should we go about it.
    • It might utilize an external api or have access to one, such as a node.js server or php script that allows you to create awesome web content instead of just bukkit plugins! Yay! maybe.
    • Should commands change? Probably not, just open for discussion on that point. I haven't used minecraft or bukkit in an entire year. Whew.
    • Only SQL is going to be supported, no more janky flat-file databases. Get with the program people! Or program people! Either way, do it!
    • I forgot bbcode! this doesn't count!

    Ideas? Nothing major, no banks or crazy stoofs, I might leak one or two things only after it's super duper stable and makes your server users go OOOOOOOooooohhhhh AHHHHHhhhhh, and stuff like that. Sound effects. Kablam!
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    Defiantly a way to see users accounts via cmds.

    Since you are taking out banks which is something I agree with 100%later down the road maybe make a iBankLite just a suggestion.

    In my opinion plugins with to many features is an over kill! I'd rather see more plugins that are focus'd on that specific need rather than one major plugin with tons n tons of buggy features.


    Suggestion maybe make your own API that could be used as a core for other future lites like the example above I gave
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    Indeed. If anything you must keep it simply Economy. Nothing more. Just so other plugins can dynamically add features to the base plugin. Since an economy can be the biggest thing for a server, it needs to run the most efficiently. I'd help with this project.
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    Make a Git repo! I want to make some commits for you to pull. :p
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    second this
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    iConomy has always had a git-repo.

    But, tonight I will create one for iColite.
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    So there is a new one ????
  8. You are back?!

    Awesome :D
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    Cmon Niji youre the one and only can do that kind of useful plugins.
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    I would help with this as well if you are still planning on doing it. Craftconomy doesn't work as well as I'd like and I would love a plugin like this.
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    I started on a economy plugin called MyConomy, but didnt really finish it xD
    Same features as your plans :)
    Good luck!
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    Wow, you back!
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    Emailed you 3 minutes after you posted and no response D:
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    All project with update his sources, was removed, but why. So many people want iconomy come back for new version.
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    Any work on this?
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