[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Amazing project you guys have going here. I am sure all server owners would love to see this =]
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    Rollbacking is not the problem, more logging.
    Of course :D
    Then you don't have to enable rollbackBannedPlayers in McBans
    Hm, sounds like a workaround that's worth to think about.
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    Not keen on that personally. If someone left the log above the tree, for example, then you just have a random sapling sitting there doing nothing.
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    We'd have to check for that
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    Dead Fred

    Just a few ides for the web interface,

    When displaying a players face add his body/head as a picture, eg [​IMG] DiddiZ or a 3d version of his head/body. (can be done easily with php and some caching to reduce load)
    And the same for blocks eg [​IMG] or a 2d version.

    Another nice feature would be the possibility for other plugins like xray informer to expand the web interface with their data and improve the user experience.

    Good luck with coding this awesome plugin and if you need help with the web interface, I would love to be part of this project. (never did java, I'm more a php / c++ type)
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    Donald Scott

    The spout plugin for Ore To Client Obfuscation effectively removed the xray hacking issue. Thusly, x-ray related features are no longer needed. (Yes, it blocks xray for everyone, not just spoutcraft people)

    Also, what is the status of development? Are we still in the concept stage? I would love to help with live testing when you guys are ready.

    Also, has a github page been setup yet?
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    Nah, I for myself saw this beeing a an often cause of laggs. I don't know whether that's still present, but I'd guess it's not a solution for all. And log based xray detection is pretty easy, as it mainly only has to compare mined stone to mined ores to give indication.
    Year, still concept, but coding will start soon.
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    Donald Scott

    I think your thinking of the wrong plugin. This one modifies the chunk packets as they are being prepared to be sent. No ore is removed/replaced from the world.
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    Seems so. Afaik there were heavy calculations to determine which ore is visible, including torches, causing the laggs.
  10. I tried this on my server, we went from 20 TPS to around 10 TPS average.
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    I know this has probably been answered, but it's not in the main post...so IDK. Is there an estimated ETA for LogBlawk? If there is, please add it to the main post because I think this is a very common question.
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    Please make it modular. I'd rather not have it end up like BigBrother and have one massive, bloated plugin lagging my server.

    So there's like, LogBlawkCore.jar, LogBlawkSpoutUI.jar, LogBlawkWorldEdit.jar, LogBlawkWebUI.jar, LogBlawkWebStats.jar and so on.
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    For now we got LogBlawk.jar and LogBlawkMySQL.jar.

    I for myself would like split commands from core, so that the core would still have the lookup/rollback/redo/clearlog mechanism, but not the commands parsing, which would go to LogBlawkCommands.jar. Would keep the core clearer. (and would also be a simple solution to LogBlock commands schema vs. HawkEye schema)

    To source out the loggers is a thing I alredy wanted to do for LogBlock, as it makes custom loggers easier. But we also could consider that there's no need for custom loggers and require all plugins to queue their changes themselves.
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    this looks like it will be a good plugin. i love logblock and it has helped me greatly with greifers. if this is better i will be ultimatly happy:)
    Here for making this glorious plugin i give you this:[diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    Glad you all finally decided to come together and collaborate.

    Hoping to see some awesome things from this collaboration :)
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    Please refrain from using spout for logging chests IF possible, I have a server with the planes mod and when players go inside the plane workbench, they crash and spout gives an error in console. :O
    (Unless this has been fixed)
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    This seems very unlikely. Default bukkit chest and inventory handling is very lacking, I've been told.
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    Lacking in the meaning of non-existance :D
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    Very very interesting. Might I suggest for the trees something that basically says:
    onblockbreak of log search (large tree radius here) for leaf, log leafs.

    How about: "Legacy" for the name.

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    This looks like a great effort!

    Please consider a lighter-weight database option than relying on an external MySQL database. A lot of commercial server packages make it very difficult or impossible to bring up an instance of MySQL in addition to craftbukkit.

    The deciding factor for deploying BB was having H2 as an option. Hopefully this plugin will have something equivalent, so we can use it.

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    Looks great! I wholly support the idea of combining great plugins, rather than creating duplicate after duplicate.

    Last I knew, it was more or less impossible to log SuperPickaxe edits made with WorldEdit. Is this still going to be the case with LogBlawk?
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    Oh also! Could you guys publish the api for logging blocks as soon as it's decided on? The WE team is looking for away to integrate with logging. The Redmine topic is here: http://redmine.sk89q.com/issues/255

    WE team is working on a fix for set, superpickaxe and everything in between.

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    I don't know if there's way, but my players recently discovered/created a new way of griefing. They'll plant tons of trees around/in someone's house and use bonemeal. Is there anyway to tie tree growth with the player who created the sapling? Also I love the name LogBlawk :p
  24. It should log when they place the sapling, and when they use bonemeal on the sapling.
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    Wasn't BB without bukkitcontrib/spout?
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    It shows who placed the sapling, there's just no way to rollback the grown trees.
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    Liam Allan

    So your just remaking something that's already been made? Kind of pointless don't you think?
  28. They are merging the best of all three major plugins into one well maintained plugin.
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    This. Is. Epic.
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    Would be awsome to see:
    • Logging which Player triggered the Creeper(explosion)
    • Tool shows on flowing liquids, which player has set the source.
    • Simple overview with the tool, like in BB. (To heavy and unclear in Hawk)
    • Inbuilt "CommandHelper" to shortening some long frequently commands, like rollbacks.

    Thanks guys, nice to see the fusion of three very good plugins.
    (I use BB and LB since 1st rls on hmod, since bukkit: BB and HE [Bec. different strengths])
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