[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    So only hawkeye is left over ?
    Hawkeye seemed somewhat outdated ? Oo
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    It's still being maintained. It will die when Bukkit dies.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    It won't die when Guardian is released, then? :p
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    Which ever comes first I guess. Honestly I don’t see Guardian ever being released.
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    then please tell me what the big red text on the logblock's page means :eek:
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    The first paragraph is an explanation that LogBlock will not be ported to the mcAPI, while there is no exact definition of this it is fair to assume tat it refers to the official mod API that the Bukkit team have been employed to produce. So what this means is that LogBlock will not be updated for the new mod system, it does not mention anything about it not being updated for future versions of Bukkit. Then the fact that there has been an update released for 1.2 suggests than the developer is committed to maintaining it, but not necessarily adding new features.

    The second paragraph offers an reason as to why this is happening,
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    @ everyone
    I made another commit this morning, looking at really really pushing for a release
    *experienced* hands are welcome to help out. (that means you celtic!)
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    Is there any type of tracker for the dev progress of guardian?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    md_5 – I have no idea what sort of help you'd need? Also I've forgotten where the source is. I do want to support this in SimpleSignEdit, incidentally, so having it released would be a good thing.
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    Please, please, please, shut up. It's getting so annoying that messages such as this one will soon follow.

    1) Are you paying anything for this to be released?
    2) Have you given anything to the developers specifically for this plugin?
    3) Could you do a better job?

    If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, then you have a right to complain about Guardian being released. Otherwise, please kindly STFU.

    If it bothers you that much, go learn Java. I'm sure md_5 would appreciate some help.
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    I'm in the beginner state of Java programming so I can't help you there, but I would love to help you guys to test it for bugs. :)

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    Daniel Heppner

    Bukkit's going to be dead by the time you guys finish this.
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    That may be true, but all this will really need is a few of the core events (block break, place etc). I'm fairly sure the new API will have those too.
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    I pushed the block events last night, I need DiddiZ to help me out with the rollback code and the other data type inserting code:
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    Dude,Iv been working on my own anti-griefing plugins,but this,made me sh#t my pants.Kepp it up!
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    *Comes back out of an long time of hibernation, because of MC1.2*

    Oi, I still will have to use LB, it is starting to feel similar to using a pre WWII oldtimer car for daily work traffic...
    (I know! That feeling comes fast with the rate at whitch plugins usually get updates/replacements, but still...)

    Another question though, is there already a Guardian Paypal donation thingy?
    Maybe that will inspire/motivate the devs :) (out of guild or otherwise, as long we are getting somewhere).

    [I wrote a lengthy series of arguments here about why and how this disappoints me with a load of opinions and shit, but that is not gonna help either, at least the impact graph shows the project is still alive.]
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    /me prepares official statement for later
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    Celtic Minstrel

    You never did answer my question...? Regarding what sort of help is needed?
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    password being blank isn't by choice :( the server im hosted though uses an open DB
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    Atm the goal is block rollback, I wish DiddiZ could help.
    Next goal after that is inserting 'exotic' data types in to the db
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    Oboy... the logger plugins are falling left and right, and NoCheat is done. Things are gettin' real up in here!

    Hawkeye still does an O-K job for me, but its rollback is sometimes flakey (or just doesn't work). Some days I'm really thankful that I've kept my server small...

    Kudos to those trying to push this mother out. God bless yas :p
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    Im pretty good at GUI,what are you looking for?
  23. I know what you mean, however LogBlock has a dev release for 1.2 which we are running, I couldn't stand the fact that Hawkeye would stop recording block placements randomly, and we have 67 registered users...not fun...so LogBlock is our lover, until Guardian is released..then LC and LB might (underlined for emphasis as I am unsure of how the first version of Guardian will be compared to the current version of LogBlock) need a divorce :eek:
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    Try having over 2,4oo unique players! Hawkeye is so frustrating, especially when half those players are banned for griefing and the logging just doesn't work. I will pray for this plugins release!
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    We use Hawkeye with 300,000 unique players. Is there a problem with it?
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    And I was pleased when I say my ~500 ;)
  27. Yes. It doesn't always log things. But maybe I just had something set up wrong. Ah well.

    I would love to see Guardian have the writelogfile command like LB (if its not already planned), that was something I was thinking I was going to miss when we almost switched to Hawkeye. Useful for when you want to post ban evidence on your website. Although, I wouldn't expect it to be added in until a later update I don't want to bog you guys down with my ideas :p especially since it isn't my plugin nor am I able to help code any of it.
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    Holy smokes. Why are we working on a replacement again? :p
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    The unique players isn't the problem: it's the amount of logging that doesn't happen.
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    Because this is going to be the ultimate Block Rollback and Grief Prevention tool you guys should look into making it compatible with Tekkit servers, it's mainly bukkit using Technicpack SMP mods but it seems to be getting a lot of attention. Just though I should bring it up in case you want to include a feature for it.
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