[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Hello, do you have an idea for a release date?

    Thanks for answer
  2. MC-Bans Support or sth. would be cool :D
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    You -REALLY- shouldn't have a blank MySQL password. Even a simple password is much more secure than an empty one.
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    What do you mean? Just lookup the player and take a screenshot.
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  5. Yes, for example.

    Or a "proove-System" for global bans. A bit like honeypot.
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    Is it possible to get a version for testing `?
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    There will be a way to convert logblock logs right? If not I may not be able to switch because a lot of important stuff in on here.
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    md_5 What say you about the development of this awesome plugin? Has anything changed since the news of bukkit+mojang joining forces?
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    kind of sickening reading all these people asking the same questions over and over.
    "when is it coming out" i get, everybody wants to know.
    but "can you make it log worldedit lava someone put it all over my map." first off, worldedit has a built in logging system of its own, very easy to use. second of all, 99.9% of problems could be prevented if you all stop giving worldedit to retards/people you don't know. By following the last step, I have over half a dozen people with full use of worldedit and have never in 10 months even needed the logging feature.

    btw md_5 you are a hero for keeping everyone up to date on this :)
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    Will HawkEye be updated for 1.2 or should we expect a release of Guardian?
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    Hawkeye, probably no, Logblock already updated
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    Crap. Should I consider moving all my HawkEye data to LogBlock?
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    If you check the HawkEye thread, it's already been updated by a third party for the new event system for R5. In theory, that should make it 1.2 compatible.
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    MonsieurApple I posted an unofficial HawkEye update here. oliverw pulled my changes into his main branch but it doesn't look like an official jar has been uploaded yet.
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    How about pulling the NoCheat over here so a all-in-one Plugin? Or not, I might continue Evenprime's NoCheat project with a totally different name.
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    Bad idea. Logging actions/checking for cheat's should be in seperate plugins.
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    Meh. Respecting your idea.
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    I'm trying to look around and find the updated logblock and can't seem to find it. Could you please link it for me?

    Edit: Found it, just wasn't looking hard enough. Link for the lazy http://diddiz.insane-architects.net:8080/job/LogBlock/108/

    Btw, please link where donations can be sent for the development of Guardian.

    Much appreciated.
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    Already saw that, pulled the changes and compiled. Haven't had a chance to test it yet ;)

    Thanks for updating it :D
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    5000 People

    Will this even get released? seems like an abandoned project that people keep commenting on
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    Considering md_5 is one of the Guardian Dev's and he just commented today, and the fact that, there is a test build of Guardian that was put up not too horribly long ago, I am going to say it's still going. Pretty sure if it is abandoned the dev's will let us know; they only created the 3 biggest and best anti-griefing plugins out there, I can't imagine they'd just drop off the face of the earth without so much as telling us what's up.
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    Oli is just completely snowed under and DiddiZ needs to help me out. I cant do it by myself.
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    any release date that we could mark down, or any dev build links?
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    You do not read very much do you..
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    5000 People

    yes please :)

    this REALLY needs to get realeased, with the realease of 1.1r5/6, all servers have to stay on 1.1 to not be griefed. Bit sad that they never updated the original plugins.

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    Which features or things are missing? I would love it to help you;)
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    Is there a geuss of a time when this plugin will be ready for use on a live server? Doesn't look like there is any 1.2 block log plugins. Can't run the server without a block log plugin!
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    Logblock works, edragy.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    So, correct me if I'm wrong... BigBrother is dead, HawkEye and LogBlock are updating to 1.2, and Guardian will likely be released vaguely soonish?
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    logblock is (properly) dead too .... look at its page
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