[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    I am still avaliable as a PHP, Javascript etc developer. Send me a PM anytime if you need help.

    Best Regards,
  2. Forgive me if this has been mentioned before, but I don't recall seeing it previously...

    I had an idea that I think would be great to implement, if possible, is a replay file in cases where the SQL connection drops. If it can't log, it places the commands that it would have sent into a file for "E-Z" importation later.
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    This deal still on? It's almost febuary.
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    Yeah, this must have died already? lol
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    Nope we have preliminary logging up
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    I might be able to do this if you are still in need of someone and you don't mind not using jQuery and only proper JavaScript :)
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    I can download this? Link please :)

    Now I feel like a noob, when I re-read your post... ignore that ^^

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    I'm starting to question the whole point of this plugin... LogBlock is probably one of the most stable rollback plugin.. HawkEye had some awesome features but was defiantly the cause of alot of server crashes. Big brother hasn't been touched for how long? It seems like your trying to start from scratch even though you already have 3 working loggers with at least 1 different thing each. I HIGHLY recommend you guys just work off of LogBlock and improve it's stability and maybe add some new things like world edit region logger were it would log the world edit commands like .//set. Hope to see this soon!
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    You say that near the end of the project...
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    Ok I think I am going to say what's on everyone's minds, Why is this taking so long. You had 2 working and 1 broken block loggers that worked fine, Now I may be no dev but I know it don't take this long even when adding new features to combine the best of hawkeye and log block, you call this a merge but its starting to seem like its a whole new plugin.

    1 month has turned into almost 5 months, What's going on? ( And don't send me a link to the git hub I don't care what code has been added or removed I want a answer from the dev's explaining what issues there facing and why the hell this is not out yet)
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    The plugin is the devs.. And they can do what they want to do.. But I hope this is coming out soon, I miss it :)
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    Do you guys think you could add Worldedit Logging? someone worldedited lava over the whole map.. I just got it installed...
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    I actually think world edit logging is imposable, but world edit command logging might not be. So ask for that instead :p
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    If you log chat, ./lb player name chat
    It shows commands too.
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    False, Log block dev just told me that you cant log the commands of world edit (yet)
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    I quite liked hawkeye, because of the web administration. But with hawkeye you can't rollback from the internet. And if you rolledback anything larger that 30 blocks it would kick you for timing out.
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    I'd just like to introduce a new database system to you: It's called mongoDB.
    Instead of using a lame SQL-Syntax like mySQL it uses JSON format. Just click "Try it out" and give it a try. I would love to see mongoDB working with Guardian.

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    Hmm is this project still up, there has not been an edit in over 2 months in the main post.
  20. Just curious to see if we could get a guesstimate as to the ETA for this? I can't say how much I'll appreciate it when this is finished!
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    Will this be able to log building plugins like worldedit and voxelsniper?
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    I agree. I would really like to see an ETA for release. I've been waiting for nearly 2 months now.
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    Will this log bonemeal on saplings?
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    i got an idea about the name. Call it NoGrief!
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    This isn't the mere merging of LogBlock, HawkEye, and BigBrother into a jar (heh, get it? jar?). If I'm correct, the plugin is actually being written from scratch. Now, these people spend time away from their family, jobs, and other miscellaneous hobbies to cater to you by giving the Minecraft community anti-griefing utilities, which is core to a server. It's their choice whether they want to develop the plugin or not, and if you took any time to read the thread, you would have seen that you have regurgitated the question that countless others have repeated to no avail. You would also see that I'm wasting my time by saying this as some other oblivious poster will ask the same question sooner or later.

    We all want Guardian to come out, but continuously pestering everyone by asking when the plugin will be released is insanely annoying.

    tl;dr - Be patient. You are not their boss, and unless you know Java, you have no right to criticize anyone on this fantastic development team.

    Fixed some grammar there for you.
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    Well said :) I've read through the entire thread every few weeks to see whats new and what the dev stage is :p And I've noticed the sames stupid question, Thanks for wasting your time responding to the Impatient people :p I appreciate it and I would assume the Dev's do also :p
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    Any word on Status? This could be bigger than Essentials if done properly.
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    This project is taking longer then I thought it would.
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    Oh my gosh... This is gonna be crazy, i use all three of these on my server.
    But now combined? :confused:

    A Gui? Nice idea

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    We have the block logging code finished as of this weekend. If it works properly or not is a different question.
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