[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    I would greatly appreciate it if you could!
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    How do i make it so i can use log block? The tables were created and the /lb command works but when i right/left click with bedrock/wood pick it does nothing. I do not have a permissions plugin so how would i get this to work? PLEASE REPLY SOON
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    /lb tool
    Post in the logblock thread please

    Dev is picking up, just reviewing the schema.
    Stupid Sonatype Nexus is giving me a hard time, not sure whether to even use it 0.O

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    this looks amazing, release date?
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    Any updates on compiling me a build? I will try and figure out how to do it in the meantime
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    im hoping this will include the undo power of hawkeye and the great no lag way of rolling back found in logblock.

    also, one thing i noticed in logblock that you guys should really make sure doesnt happen is the fact that logblock manages to register previously destroyed blocks as being destroyed by tnt. i rolledback some griefing someone had done, they placed a load of sand somehwere they shouldnt have, i rolled it back with logblock, then later i rolled back a tnt griefing in the same area, and it placed the sand back. i checked the sand, and it said that it had been destroyed by tnt, which it definitly hadnt.
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    Suggestion if not already posted:
    for normal OP/Admins
    in logblock, can you add the IP with the name shown too?
    it should be toggle-able lol.
    more detailed explanation:
    when right clicking with lb tool, name(ip) date: m/d/y time: h:m:s
    example: Troll( has create cobble stone. 06/09/12 ; 13:37:69
    something like that
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    We go back to work after a happy holiday? I think all the admins expect to see progress as soon as possible, I think is a really essential tool and we need them for all servers.

    I currently use HawkEye and works very well, but there is no innovation for about three months...
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    ETA of first dev build?
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    This is going to be really good!
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    I really like your goal. I can't wait for this to come out. Personally I use hawkeye, but so many cool anti-xray things NEED logblock! This will be the standardized anti-grief. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this. I don't want to sound naggy, but what is an estimated ETA? or, how far is the project? 50% 75% 10%?
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    Wow, August. It's been a while since I started following this.
    How's stuff looking in terms of releasing a (un)stable development build? :)
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    Umm tbh I am looking at a block logging build in the next few days depending on what @DiddiZ and @oliverw92 think of it
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    you guys said "name will probably change". i think you should keep the name Guardian.
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    It is Guardian.
    I should probably remove that for oli
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    md_5 download link ?
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    There is nothing to download yet. Get sources on github
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    Can my server beta test it?
    We have 12k Registered Members, and around 80 Online average.
    We were fans of BigBrother until it died, and have been using LogBlock for a long time now.
    So we could find any bugs, and help out ^-^
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    It doesn't currently do anything, so no sorry
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    Would it be possible that you add voxelsniper changes ?
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    I mean when its ready for beta testers.
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    Looking forward to this, keep up the good work.
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    I'm really looking forward to this! Will it require a MySQL database? Also, any ETA for the finished product?
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    All that logging? Well for me at least queue overflow in the millions...

    If You guys ever need a tester, I can put it on its knees with the madness I get everyday. But there is a threat I found that none of your plugins hold yet, lavaflow + waterflow = cobblestone, and now stone! It logs the cobblestone good for rolling back but the stone, just says "Lava replace water with lava" and no fix. Just a little bug.

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    The fluid mechanics changed often recently ...
    But ty for pointing that out.
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    Well, from what it seems like, this project is making good progress, as a server owner I honestly cannot wait for this plugin, my only hope is the old hawkeye logs get to be imported haha. Anyways I just wanted to post to congratulate you all on a good job so far, and may you all release this plugin hopefully within this year.

    Also, the people who have posted above asking for an ETA, please, just stop. Do you want them to just throw a date around that is a lie? There is no point in continuing to ask about it, so just give the developers some time to perfect their product so that we server owners can properly protect against griefs and such.
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    I totally agree with you. People should not get annoying. But I also see that people are excited about it and it's been around for quite a long time. Most of the people who ask have never coded and don't know how it feels to make a project like that.

    But again, I agree: People stop complaining, I'm sure if you pay each of them 100$, they'll do it faster :p
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    Will death locations be logged as well (including fall/lava/drowning)?
    And the items players drop when they die?

    Can't wait for this :)
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    Location yes, items could be done as a set of child itemdrop entries.
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    Looking forward to this.
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