[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    A world edit rollback function is not needed simply don't give people you don't trust world edit privileges and for everyone else there is a //undo function... Just my two cents on the matter it is just more programming for the dev's to do and the outcome isn't really needed I must say.
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    When will this plugin be out?
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    That would cause lag on big edits.
    Pester @wizjany
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    I am eagerly awaiting this plugin. Any word on it's current status and projected availability??
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Pretty sure they would leave WorldEdit support up to the WorldEdit developers, so it really wouldn't be more programming for the Guardian team.
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    Here is a suggestion, as logblock was able to store tree growing etc as the player who did it, make it so lavaflow and waterflow are also saved as the player who did it. Id ask to work with fire but I doubt thats possible.
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    Is planned, very resource intensive though.
    Has @DiddiZ put tree and mushroom growth in already? I wrote that code for Guardian :)
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    I saw, he gave you credit :)
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    Yup, like intense testing before using in Guradian :D
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    Add time params so you can rollback within a certain time? Also you should start posting out Development Builds.
    If you ever need a jenkins;

    I'll be happy to give you an account.
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    We haz jenkins from Mossycobble
    Problem? Well there isnt that much to post ;(
    I am going to start real work before christmas. I promise!
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    Naaa, go take another vacation ;)
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    No plugins work with 1.0, can't wait for release of this one! You don't have to add anything new right now, What I really need is the basic stuff like use wooden pick and rightclick a block and u see log or check chest log. That's all I would like for now, nothing else..
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    Well, current logging plugins still work.
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    Please bring an example. Bigbro failed on me, logblock failed on me....
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    LogBlock is still working perfectly for my server...I have it running on multiple worlds and have had it running for several months with all recent versions of Bukkit.

    Are you using a DB (mysql)?
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    Any sort of ETA right now?
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    May I recommend a feature which I extremely enjoy in Big Brother?
    I really enjoyed how with Big Brother you didn't have to make a Mysql Server, may you please implement that in Guardian?
    Thanks in advance, swampshark19
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    I can understand why anyone would want this as it requires less work (although free MySQL servers are abundant and take a few seconds to create.) however from a programers point of view not using a full sql database is extremely hindering. The amount of data that these log programs generate is huge. In just a short amount of time you could end up with a file several gigs large and it would put a huge strain on any minecraft server trying to access that data without an sql database.
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    I have been using Big Brother h2 database, and the size never gets much larger than about 200k, which includes up to a 7 day rollback.
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    Yes, tried to connect it to a MySQL database.
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    But you gotta remember on some servers a 7 day rollback is useless because they are so large and griefs dont end up gettinh caught for weeks. A myswl database can easily have 25,000,000 records no sweat, and yes I have seen a mysql database nearly 1gb in size.
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    Well, again thats been my configuration all along and I haven't had any issues at all. Here's a basic rundown of how I did it.

    First of all use PHPmyadmin to create an empty database and add a user that has access to that same database.
    Next fire up your server with the LogBlock.jar file in your /plugins folder
    Edit the config.yml file that will be created in the /plugins/Logblock folder find the section that starts with "mysql:" and enter the following info:
      user: your-DB-Username
      port: 3306
      host:Either localhost if its running on the same server OR an IP if on a different box
      database: Your-DB-Name
    Stop/start your server and it should automatically create the tables in your DB and you should be all set.

    All other items in the config file are simply preferences, if you can get it working from here you should be able to change them whenever you need to.
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    its not just that i have tried many times to make a mysql server. i tried all the tutorials on youtube! i just cant seem to do it. thats why i still use big brother its not because im lazy its because i cant do it. wamp wont work!
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    Here are some ideas for the plugin
    1) scan all players inventories for an item
    2) log mob and player motion so you could see when someone walked over a block, to save space on the database (if needed), make it so that you need to select a block and turn that feature on.
    3) When logging blocks placed and broken, log the position of the player (X,Y,Z) and, when viewing blocks broken in-game (equivilant of /bb stick) posibly have a warning if that block was not in the player's line of sight or reach distance.
    4) you should log spawn/death times
    5) be able to search changes to a specific block type, for example, if a giant cobblestone tower was destroyed, and the area aroud it had been landscaped well enough to make it imposible to find, you could search ingame with a command "placing and breaking of cobblestone in a 500 block radius in the last 12 hours".
    6) tool used for the breaking of blocks, and item in hand for placing blocks/ using items (to avoid obvious instant breaking) and auto item using mods (such as avo's auto tree+bonemeal mod)
    7) fighting statistics, such as the hit precentage (a good way to tell if someone is using a forcefield mod).
    8) iConomy/BOSE economy transactions.
    9) log water and lava flowing/ firespread.
    10) login/logout positions (to avoid teleporting through roof and walls by placing sand/gravel above you and reloging)
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    Bradley Hilton

    If you really want to see a nice sized one, I'm using Hawkeye and my mysql database is over 8gb in size and it's handled with ease (or it appears to me). Looking forward to this plugin! And I'll add to that, I run a server that we have users on and at one time hard 30 on all the time. People would get on a week or more later and find their building griefed, so I add to your stance that a seven day rollback limit just wouldn't cut it.
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    That's exactly what I did, but after some time server running it started giving loads of errors. Was scared to keep it running, useless resources wasted.
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    Please... For gods sake add H2 support
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    Note to everyone asking for other databases:
    At this stage we will be coding in MYSQL support through a separate library that will be loaded at runtime. The interface that this library must use is on github. If you wish H2, MongoDB, sqlite, etc etc, you are free to code it yourself and submit a pull request on github.
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    How longer until you think you will be done XD cant wait. I was waiting for this.​
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