[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Actually, it is.
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    What about
    /gd enable
    /gd disable
    /gd on
    /gd off
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    Why are the command the only thing people are talking about, it really does not matter that much !
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    Yes, i mean... LogBlock commands are way too .... not hard.. they are good.. But stupid =)

    Name should be something GOD like...

    or just "GodLike"
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    /gd enable/disable makes more sence tbh, /gd log to /gd done seems wierd :S
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    A humble suggestion; please make it compatable with bPermissions, PEX, and Permissionsbukkit :)
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    Yeah thats what superpermissions is.
    They are the only plugins we support
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    What will the paremeters be for rollback? will it be like hawkeye where you have to enter a butload of crap or like bigbrother where you just type /bb rollback <playername>
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    In @oliverw92's defense, BB rollbacks are akin to HE rollbacks: AFAIK, the equivalent of the command you gave as an example is
    /he rollback p:playername
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    yea but the last time i did a rollback i had to enter /hawk rollback p:player t:300
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    Are we SOL for HawkEye?
    It does not work for Bukkit 1550.
    Is there an updated version we can use.
    With your plugins, most servers will suck.
    ********* NEVER MIND. ********
    My SQL was off line.
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    I would like a rollback based on a WorldGuard region or in a world edit cuboid selection! thanks
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    Worldedit of course.
    Im gonna add worldguard to the list. I like the sound of tht.
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    Haven't really checked if this was asked, but what about a Spout GUI for Guardian ?
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    This might sound a little rude but why is this not released yet, On logblocks page it said "about a month" Its been quite a while longer than a month now.
    Have you hit issues? Personal/private issues? Or has this grown to large for a month's work?

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    @oliverw92 is very busy and in reality he is the one that will be coding the main data entry part of the plugin. I myself have been biding time with real life stuff and special, privately developed plugins.
    I hope within in the next few weeks, at least @DiddiZ and I will get some time to tidy things up.
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    Not sure if ti has been requested but SuperPick logging would be nice. Logblock doesn't do that, so a donor went nuts with it and there isn;t anything I can do about it.
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    This is essentiall the same as WorldEdit logging.
    But there is something you can do:
    Loggable super pickaxe plugin
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    Since the blocks broken with the super pick will not have registered as broken, they will still be set to what ever type they were before in the database. So the data is there to put the blocks back, it would probably require a custom plugin though.
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    Ah, Thank you!
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    Why not fix that and use my under 50 lines plugin code that actually calls the events :)
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    hey ive spoken with @DiddiZ about this but could i help with guardian? I know some java enough to help some but i would be more with the databases(web) and some gui parts.
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    Since it will be logging everything that is done, make it into a giant API for plugins to link into
    it would be able to be used by plugins that:
    track player last join/first join
    player blocks broke
    player stats
    mining ratio (xray)
    and so on.

    I always rollback the area and then undo it. It puts the blocks back that were ruined by super pickaxe, as it never logged the blocks as gone.

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    Agreed. Then we can like, hook into it and create a Stats plugin. o:
    Would make everything much simpler. :D
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    I don't know if anybody else said this before, but my suggestion: logging creeper explosion as creeper and person who triggert these.

    Now with LogBlock i can only switch between Creeper with no name and nicknames without Creeper.
    Would be a great feature!
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    This will be no problem with the parent/child system.
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    Is this going to be able to log what players have spawned?
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    It will log the command, so you can look it up.
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    Help i cant get this to work
    The error is:

    [SEVERE] [HawkEye] Error whilst attempting to get connection: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException: Communications link failure
    And here is my .config
    - 97
    - 98
    lava-bucket: true
    painting-place: true
    other: true
    pvp-death: true
    block-fade: true
    chat: true
    quit: true
    sign-place: true
    painting-break: true
    lava-flow: true
    flint-steel: true
    button: true
    command: true
    block-form: true
    teleport: true
    lever: true
    item-drop: true
    water-bucket: true
    block-burn: true
    sign-break: true
    block-break: true
    leaf-decay: true
    water-flow: true
    join: true
    door-interact: true
    block-place: true
    open-container: true
    item-pickup: true
    explosion: true
    container-transaction: true
    mob-death: true
    other-death: true
    max-lines: 0
    tool-block: '17'
    log-item-drops-on-death: false
    cleanse-age: '0'
    delete-data-on-rollback: false
    log-ip-addresses: true
    debug: false
    max-radius: 0
    default-here-radius: 5
    hawkeye-table: hawkeye
    port: 3306
    player-table: hawk_players
    username: root
    world-table: hawk_worlds
    hostname: localhost
    max-connections: 10
    password: ''
    database: minecraft
    version: 1.0.4
    - /login
    - /restartsrv
    - /register

    {P.S. I am a Newb}

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