[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    When will development start?
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    um aah, Well technically it has started, but not much has been done.
    @oliverw92 is very busy, not sure about @DiddiZ
    I am going away this week, but after that...
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    Make it have /rollback player 10(10 blocks) that was the best feature of big brother because it does not effect other peoples building
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    Of course. Maybe not with that syntax.
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    Something that would be cool is if you could work out how to have the blocks created by bonemealing a sapling logged as the player who grew it, I have had people take a floor out of a building and plant a tree in it's place. When it gets rolled back it makes a real mess that can only be cleared up by hand.

    If the location of a placed sand block could be updated when it falls that would help too. I have had a few rooms filled with sand and only been able to rollback the top layer.
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    The first will come, as soon as MD_5s events get pulled.
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    Sand, will do.

    Wish to contribute to Guardian? I spent a bit of time updating these PR's to 1.0.0, seems bumping and useful feedback is nice :)
    I want them to get into the next RB so badly, and watching the Q&A Minecone video last night I want to do what was suggested and simplify and pull Spout's InventoryOpen and Close event which I'm 65% done with after spending a little bit of time on yesterday. This will eliminate Spout as a dependency and provide chest logging much better than Hawkeye's.
    Moral of the story?
    Pester @Dinnerbone if you want it.
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    How about GuardianAngel. I think that would be a really cool name, and I would proudly use it on my server. A suggestion for features would be a BigBrother log import supporting both the MySql and H2 versions of the log, as well as log conversion for all other logging plugins. The tool for the user should be a log, as it is most easily remembered.

    Commands: /ga log
    /ga done
    /ga log (toggles on and off)
    /ga here
    /ga rollback [griefer's name] [Time] (time should be put t:1h or t:1d or t:60m.
    /ga undo
    /ga redo
    /ga reload

    Other features: MySql support as well as H2 flatfile, PermissionsEx Native support, (this is optional, as it won't really make that much of a difference.)
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    We already have Guardian
    /gd done
    /gd log

    etc etc
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    What is /gd done?
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    Example that the OP did.
    I guess the final step of /gd preview would be /gd done, but purely an example.
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    Wait, what?
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    Sorry I saw that coming. Just an example. And I made a bad typo.
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    I suggest this command
    /gd set release_date 12/1/11
    sounds good right? =D
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    If you mean that in Australian / not American date format then yes.

    12th of January
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    Will this be able to find out like if someone makes giant cylinders of lava with world edit (Like my server D: ), is it possible to find out who did it?
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    Well you would have to pester @wizjany
    To make it optionally call events but because of the HUGE number of events this would cause epic lag. Your best bet is to do an event log query.
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    What??? 12th of January 2011? I think he means the first of December.
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    I haven't read the whole thread so I don't know if it has been suggested before, or if what I'm suggesting is the parent child system (which I don't understand much of cause I'm a lazy person at some points), but here we go.

    It's basically about land claiming and If someone modifies that terrain X will happen.
    Let's say I made a house in the middle of wilderness, someone comes by and grieves the house without any kind of warning to stop or even mods knowing that it happens until I log in again and see my house griefed.
    So what I'm suggesting is some kind of auto kick and maybe even ban as well as notifications to all players with the permission to get a message when someone is grieving.

    So, an example with ny idea implemented;
    User Heisan213 joins the server, starts building something, let's say a house.
    Heisan213 logs off and later user Trollface logs in. TrollFace finds heisan213s house and breaks in via the wall. The plugin notices and all with the permission, example, Guardian.notify gets a message saying "[Guardian] Trollface broke block WOOD on Heisan213s land!" then the mod can port to the ID of the event and roll it back!

    I have seen servers that even have auto rollback, but that should be up to admins to code themselves I guess...
    Also maybe some client side effects should be sendt to TrollFace, for instance a harmless lightning strike, and explosion, screen distortion or potion smoke.

    That's my idea, thanks for reading :)
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    Nope, not something we are going to do, try asking in the plugin suggestions forum.

    Some of you noticed, we have a devbukkit page up, so we can edit eachother's stuff and may do something like that to the forums is @lukegb can promote @Guardian-Security to dev.

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    Ok, so what i would like to see, is BB's command logging...
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    Another thing, an option to log noteblock note changes would be nice. Some people keep messing with them on my server and there is no way to work out who.
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    I dunno if you saw my discussions with @wizjany a while back - I already talked to him about WorldEdit logging. The 'easy' solution is to do as you say - make world edit trigger block place/break for every single one. That obviously isn't going to be good enough though. What would be better would be a proper event system inside of WorldEdit that plugins can register with.
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    That'd be very useful - I'm not sure the other logger plugins have it, do they? o:

    Uhm... That'd be incorporating a region plugin, effectively, and then would be a lot more programming. Also, "harmless" client side effects would be hard, imo, unless certain packets can be forcefully sent to do it, or it's possible to do a lightning strike with no shock power (or whatever it's called) via Bukkit.
    Btw, I could be very mistaken. It might be simple - I've never really tried, to be honest.

    @ The people who are making this: Any idea of when it'll be done? Just wondering. Also, brilliant idea on it. :D

    EDIT: Nevermind... World.strikeLightningEffect(Location) is for a lightning strike with no damage...
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    it turnes the gd log off
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    also diodes would be nice =D
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    kk, but isn't the name a bit misleading?
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    When will this be done?
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    no not really
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