[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    I'm waiting this plugins so long.. when did it will finish?
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    Will there be a way to convert your LogBlock database's to a Guardian database? This would make for a smooth transition between the two.
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    Suggestion: Maybe a feature like the plugin "Cleaner"? Ex.: You rollback someone but they still have it in their inventory. Fix: /gd finditem <item> [player] and it would tell you what people have that item and how much of it in their inventory. Then /gd clearitem <item> [player] would remove said item. /gd clearitem would require a questioner.
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    Would be difficult, but maybe in the future.
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    Will the Guardian work, without having to set up external databases?
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    In the future. Not at release.
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    Can it please not be permissions dependent?
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    Why should it? We have bukkit permissions :D
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    Yay cause I don't like permissions.
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    I'm in love with this, hurray!
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    Donald Scott

    What is the ETA for this? LB is really buggy recently.
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    Not so soon. Is it?
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    I am having no problems. The only problems with the cutting edge bukkit builds running logblock is if you have enabled chest logging I find, and spout no longer works on newer builds of bukkit, so we may need to wait for that to update.

    Your block logging plugin is still my number one choice, over hawkeye.
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    I can't w8 I need it becouse as Wizzlydonker did say the spout do not work with the newer bukkit version
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    Spout broke on every MC update so far ...
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    Deleted user

    Undo the griefing with a command maybe?
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    MySQL works REALLY REALLY well on CentOS. That's why it's CentOS. It's pretty much designed to work REALLY well with MySQL and Apache.
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    Why would anybody think MySQL does not work with CentOS O_O that's absurd. Now Xen does not work with CentOS6 standard, but you can build it to
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    I don't what the status on this is exactly, but I cannot wait until this plugin is out!
  22. Why are we veering offtopic here :/

    A note keep it up. Finally a plugin where folks work together instead of making yet another version of the same thing. /cheer
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    Yes, that's highly wrong.
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    As admin of a 100 players server, we are VERY interested in your pluggin. Seems to be a great Job.

    We are using BigBrother on the 1.7.3. What do you recommend we use before you release your plugin when craftbukkit 1.0 will be out ?

    Thank for the advice
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    Either LB or HE :D
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    Ah, OK, I thought thos plugons wouldn't be update to Craftbukkit for MC 1.0, because you were working on Guardian.
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    I would also recommend LogBlock, of the ones I have tried (BB, HE, LB) it has caused the least number of problems)
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    spout is working just fine latest dev build with latest build of bukkit... chest logging is also working fine with logblock...
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    Yes spout is working now :) so now i can use lb again
  30. Just checking in to say, keep up the good work guys,
    If you manage to accomplish this successfully alot of people would be at you submission xD
    http://www.myfacewhen.com/249/ <- You guys when you finish this.
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