[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    I have an idea, i've been looking around and noticed, that there is a physics event. You should add a toggle ex: /g tgphys Thus disabling snad and gravel's falling then like /g rollback a:block-fall :3
    But is required to have a world edit selection or radius as there are tons of falling things when land is generated.

    Honestly, also make it Logblock style, I love that plugin to pieces! 10/10 for everything BUT the rollbacks. I had my creative world destroyed by hackers over 500K blocks destroyed. I wrote this down.. 1042/521024 This is how many blocks it missed, I had to restart the whole map in creative. Hawkeye has NEVER let me down like that

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    Guys we really don't have that much done.
    As diddiz said, stay calm :)
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    I was thinking about to track all chunks in a set where players acutally did something, environment actions after generating wouldn't be logged.
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    Disabling physics is hardly relevant to us
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    Of course. That would be WorldGuard.
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    Yes :p
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    When is it d.... oh wait :p.

    Lets turn the perspective around.
    Minecraft will be officially released soon, bukkit will pump out a RB for it in about 2 weeks (probably faster), and then we expect plugins to be updated within a week or so.

    Wouldn't it be a great goal to set yourself a deadline like: 'lets have this done before bukkit goes MC 1.0 '?

    MC will get a load of media attention, new players will flood in, and the smart ones will come to bukkit. I'd say its best to be able to promote Guardian as THE logging plugin before hell breaks lose.

    (but dont hesistate to shove this comment aside and continue on your own pace, remember I'm just another guy on the webs who can be ignored :p)
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    +1 on guys who want this! If this delivers what it promises, this will be the ULTIMATE anti-griefing tool.
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    That would be a nice goal. Quite a challenge, but possible.
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    I'd actually think it quite relevant.

    I had a heck of a time rolling-back parts of my skylands world because every time I did, much of the gravel and sand would simply fall into the void. It would be nice if Guardian could temporarily disable physics while rolling something back, then re-enable once complete.

    Just my two-cents. I realize that ya'll have to pick and choose your features and this would be pretty low on the totem pole :)
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    Umm well when we set the blocks, I would disable physics, just as a matter of cause.
    Surely the doPhysics flag as false makes sense when setting a block.

    And I think that deadline of official release is very very steep, judging from where we are at.
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    I guess we could get it to run, but with very less features ...

    At early times, I had physics disabled for LB rollbacks. This caused many problems with fluids, so I later decided to enable phsics again.
    I don't know how it's now, but back in time physic disabling didn't prevented sand/gravel from falling.
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    Physics block id then.
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    Yup, will also need testing.
  15. I have some Experience with Spout GUIs I have Created a GUI for ModTRS and was about to make one for Logblock but if this project is in development i may be able to help? PM me if you want :D
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    speaking of weird block ids we are planning on enhancing our server onces notch gets the damned mod api so we can do some work but this means mo creatures and buildcraft etc will have to be loggable for a viable thing on our server. Im guessing that shouldnt be hard to get into a database to log the pipes etc the main thing im looking into is the ids for ogre damage the bane of the test servers existence XD. My question is will guardian be able to log these new and weird blocks when the modders start thier updates aswell to cover all possible griefing that could be done?
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    LB and HE are actually already able to log custom blocks, so this is a feature we don't want to drop :D
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    Sorry we don't need that position at the moment, and I can do that anyway.
    @sephirothtm good to see you here :)
    And yes it is all already there, as diddiz said. We try to work on very generic code, so nothing that can be changed will ever be hardcoded, think of the way TMI works. Also according to @Afforess there is no api, only un obsfucated source code, which makes sense to me.
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    @md_5 im usually here just dont say much in forums usually hunting up now all i need is world guard and residence to have that hybrid baby and ill be a happy server runner
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    I"m sorry I didn't read all this, Something I mentioned over in the logblock forums. It would be great if a way was found for flows to be logged by who placed the source block. WaterFlow and LavaFlow for server gen sources.

    Also the ability to turn off logging of server placed flows while maintaining logging of player placed flows.

    I know it's complicated but I keep having farms griefed by people with buckets and all I can ever find is WaterFlow.
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    It will be an optional feature due to the amount of cpu required
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    /lb area 20 type 8 9 created player !waterflow
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    I had a look through your comment history, and couldn't find it. Here's ours. Note that it's AGPL, the source link is available at the bottom of the page.
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    We are fine with spout, I have played with it a bit, and @Afforess actually added checkboxes and radio buttons just for me :)
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    Yay :D

    Afforess is really amenable for requests [cake]
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    Is it available for download right now, or is everyone just suggesting things? Sorry if Im being stupid :S
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    No, we are not even like 1/4 of the way.
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    Big thankyou to MossyCobble hosting who have provided us with a VPS to run testing servers, websites off of etc.
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    will this be able to run WITHOUT a MySQL or other online databases?
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    In the future, but not at first release.
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