[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Can we have a progress report for Guardian xD? I'm soo excited.
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    suggestion: be able to do searches in a worldedit selection, not just rollbacks
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    Hm? That already works with LB.
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    how do we rollback in a WE selection? OMG OMG AWESOME!
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    Make a WE selection first
    Use sel parameter:
    /lb rb sel
    It can be combined with every other parameter, like:
    /lb player diddiz sel since 1d
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    Thanks my lover
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    I got an idea/request for the future. Ability to set searchresult strings for ourselves, peoples prefs are different, some like information overload, maybe for manually checking DB's for similar stuff, other like to keep things real simple.

    For what we should be able to change i suggest only what kind of data and search result text, no hocus pocus with changing how data looks, so config could have something like
    blockresult: '%datetime%: %user% %action% Data: %data%'
    or others might want more, like how hawkeye does it;
    blockresult: 'id:%id% %datetime% %user% %action%\n  Loc: %world%-%xyz% Data: %data%'
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    Great idea, fits to the colored messages i wanted to add sometime :D
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    onBlockPhysics() from memory

    Its not like i've done that before.

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    *News* ~~News Music~~ Today March 17th 2029 the long awaited Bukkit plugin "Guardian" has been completed.


    * Love the web interface from hawkeye. Would be cool if you could censor information just from that.
    * A watched list is cool, would save resources when using multiverse and or have groups that don't need to be watched.
    * A non-case command log sensitive censor list would be nice/ or a regex one.
    * Area watch would also be nice, setting/selection to enable logs only within a selected region.
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    troll, status update on progress! would be nice with some kind of "health bars" with pretty colors plz :D
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    Overwatch is an awesome name. Always reminds me of the cool atmosphere in Half Life 2 :D

    Anyway, I am really exited for this. I am using LogBlock right now and I really like it - I've also tested BigBrother though, it's awesome, too.
    Connected they're like omg cant stand da awesom.
    If somebody writes an automatic griefer detection system for this you guys are my heros.

    Also, do you know Multiverse 2? It has a really awesome help system. A ? behind a command lists everything it does including permission nodes.
    Maybe integrate something like
    /lb ? <parameter_name>
    It would tell the user what the parameter he entered does.

    Edit.: Just a question - if you need someone making a logo or maybe designing a sneaky shiny background for the web stats, I could do that. I've done some banners for wayuki, "the Creepocalypse", Eoncraft (formerly Morphcraft) and some more. [pig]
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    Ill giVe my take on the status later
    Going to start work this afternoon.
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    Another idea: ninja mode

    When enabled, guardian removes all kinds of tracks, at best even from /plugins. Would be default disabled.

    I got this idea, because some admins really like to hide that they are running a logging plugin, but I personally prefer to make all to-be-griefers aware that they are going to be identified :D

    Opportunity makes thieves.
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    You should also add a invisibility feature so that you don't have to get another plugin for it
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    Did you even read my post before? :D
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    @DiddiZ I was just thinking about Nina mode and was actually going to do it before. Will add config if you dont already do it. Still figuring out whether to delete and fork again or try and get full access.
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    Based on the dev speed in the last months, it would be ok for me to give you push rights :D
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    Thank you, Im glad to see Ive got the ball rolling, both of you have pushed in the last 24h. Pushing is so much easier than pull.
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    Josh Harwood

    can you guys add this to dev.bukkit? so i and others can get a notice on completion? :D
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    Not 100% related, but still useful: to block /plugins, you can set bukkit.command.plugins to false.
    (If you're disabling /plugins, you also might want to disable /version, too - bukkit.command.version)
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    Ive already add permissions to Ninja mode
    Its muh better than what you said
    /plugins shows identical but with guardian removed
    /version shows that Guardian is not installed
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    Waiting for this.. it cant arrive soon enough!
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    Completely unrelated to the OP, but is this you on the front page of reddit?
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    I would hope you make mysql an option because I'm not very good with mysql, I would prefer you make a download which gives you a config file and stuff
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    Not sure what you mean by that, we can't manage your database for you.
    MYSQL is the first bridge.
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    I believe this plugin will have a config file.. It will probably generate, or include a default config if one is not found.

    What I think you are suggesting with your request is that the Anti-Griefer Miltary should install a 49cc engine from a pocket mini bike in to their heavy artillery


    Instead of something more like this...


    In all honesty, its sorta useless for a plugin like this to store this large about of data directly into something like a sqlite db file. As the *.db file grows in size it will also start lagging your server.. the overhead of database queries will be put on the shoulders of your minecraft server, which will lag, then lag more, then lag even more. It may work with a few hours or maybe even a day or so if you only have a couple of users, but eventually, if you are using your server plugins to do this kind of heavy lifting, at some point the lag will go past being intolerable and will actually time-out your users.

    The main difference with MySQL is that the server just sends a query to the MySQL server, and that Database engine sends back just the information that was requested, it doesn't have to open the file itself and search through the records to extract the specific relevant data...

    MySQL is just something else you need to install, its a program, and there is plenty of easy tutorials on how to set it up. Instead of opening a file, it opens a TCP/IP connection.. the data doesn't even need to be on the same machine as your minecraft server, it could be a completely dedicated system. Very flexible, powerful, and not really that hard either.

    Doesn't that sound great? Best of all its FREE. Here.. I'll even get you pointed in the right direction. If you are on Windows.. Google "WAMP for Windows" and if you are on linux.. Google "LAMP for Linux" this will give you a REALLY easy interface to work with your MySQL server... Please stop asking this question... If the devs have a sick sense of humor, they will probably just end up actually doing it for you, because I don't think its too difficult to allow the flexibility.. But I wouldn't expect more than a shrug of their shoulders and snicker when your users abandon your server from the constant lags and disconnects.

    This has been a public service announcement from the people against installing mini bike engines into heavy artillery. :p
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    Any idea of when this will be done? Possibly a Beta release?
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    Deleted user

    How long until the stable, official release?
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    I know, your're just interested in this, but really, stop to ask when it's done.
    I'm pretty sure we'll make unmissable announcements then :D

    But it's still good to see how many people want this :p
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