[WIP] Guardian - the final replacement for BB, LogBlock and HawkEye

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by oliverw92, Aug 27, 2011.

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  2. How long before we see this released, do you reckon?
    A week, two, a month?
    Looks great. Can't wait to see it finished.
  3. Would it be possible to get stats (blocks placed, etc) from only within a WorldGuard region (for display on a website)?
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    Okay, understandable, but if said person does use log block, as far as I'm concerned, said person has the knowledge to install super pick; or any other "super pick" type plugin. Worldedit is a major plugin which utilizes the super pick. There are also some plugins that will allow players to break bedrock blocks. So I'm sorry, but any complaints stating that the default block be changed from bedrock are quite invalid.
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    Any chance of guardian supporting extended block ID's like those used in the Forge Mods? (Buildcraft and IC2)
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    Hm, depends. If you get the region coordinates from somewhere, it's no problem to apply these in a query.
    Another point is, that WE is really a need for every server, especially for the selection backup import and regeneration.
    As these are already supported by LB und HE, yes :D
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    Just posted to say you guys are awesome for merging all the awesomeness together <3
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    man, i cant wait!
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    I know this is not ideal but would SQlite or flatfile be used for this plugin?
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    Likely H2
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    Kool very nice your doing a realy good job :)
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    Make sure it does not crash when you rollback a lot of blocks.
    That is the biggest problem I have had with LogBlock.
    Good Luck
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    Thanks for your prompt response. I did find an issue over the weekend when I added Buildcraft to my server. Spout conflicts with BC when I access any of the new items with inventories, (like engines) so I had to disable Spout and therefore am unable to log chestaccess. Is Guardian still going to depend on Spout for that feature, and if so, do you have any pull with those guys to add support for new inventories?
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    is it going to have the big brother rollback system, like where we can do /bb rollback player , or now like /g rollback player , then /g confirm, because i checked although i have never used log block it doesn't seem to have it. I have looked at the commands. Thats what makes big brother the best, because also i can do /bb rollback player t:10h , for 10 hours ago so will it have that. I really like the H2 support thats what ruined big brother so i have a older version.
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    Sure, as LB also has it:
    /lb rb player diddiz since 10h
    Are you sure?

    And yes, H2 is likely going to happen, but in a different way then in BB.
    Not sure yet, but due to the often crashs and incompatibilities Id prefer an own solution.
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    thanks for the reply do you know roughly when this will be out? because i can't wait it seems really good.
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    The HawkEye chest access system works perfectly and doesn't use Spout, we can just use that
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    I am currently using LogBlock (great plugin, thanks DiddiZ) and am missing a feature, not sure if it can be expected in Guardian:

    When rollbacking, would it be possible to log somewhere a summary of blocks rollbacked ?

    Example of log that would be great, in a log file:
    <date> - <player who rollbacked>: stone: -30 + 64, diamondblock: -0 + 12, ....

    Reason for this: I have logs saying how many diamonds were mined by a player in the staff, I have logs saying he placed diamond blocks and just after, I have logs saying that same player sold 10x more diamonds than he mined to the server's economy, but I miss the log where it says that user used rollback on the diamond blocks to duplicate them.... which is kind of annoying.

    Cheers !
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    Sounds like a handy feature, as it's easy to implement, informative, and won't admins that don't need it.

    As a temp workaround you can use "/lb writelogfile last" right after you do a rollback, before you clear the log.
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    If you are still looking for help I can do various things. I will do a Spout gui if you want it.
    Also make sure you add support for the new onTreeGrow event, when the RB comes out, so those pesky trees can be logged under environment and rolled back.
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    Yeah, spout gui would be great.

    There is a onTreeGrow event? Didn't yet see something like that ...
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    Jack Kleeman

    If you ever need a tester, I have a server I am willing to let your plugin break in the name of science :).
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    Its brand spanking new, not even sure if the pull requests has even been added to bukkit, just saw it while trawling github.
    Oh yeah where is the source I can work off, and is there a complete team list of everyone working on this (maybe I can do some actual work).


    And another edit:
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    Oh, yeah ty. :D

    But it's still pretty empty.
    Java coding is atm just me and oliverw.
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    I better read the schema and then get myself to work then. Just gotta probably do some other spout this weekend and maybe one or two requests.

    Last update was October 7.
    Oh yeah and my github is md-5.
    I think an exciting possibility for me to add would be rollback of custom events, eg LWC (as much as I hate it) could register container-private and then /gd rollback would remove that protection on rollback. Also an intergrated webserver could come in handy, depending on what the web app is like.
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    I was thinking that while using the tp [id] command to go to an item, it would be nice if you could do tp . to go to the next [id] or tp .. to go to the previous [id]

    what do you think?
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    Jack Kleeman

    Also, I'm probably not your best option, but I could make a nice Web-UI (Not code it to interact with Guardian, just make it pretty :D )
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    Tree Grow event? That would be godlike stuff! Also make it detect the guy who caused it :p As same for lava flow as it likes to create its own sources.
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    Lava a definately want to add tracking for. You cant track the tree if its natural although bonemeal will be, assuming this is added to bukkit.
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