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    Grief Protection Plugin will not be it's name, it is just a temporary name until I get a better one!

    Before I list the features and planned stuff I will say that this plugin will take me awhile to make as I am learning Java and making it at the same time. I will need some testers when I do start to get this fleshed out, I would also like someone to help me with it(Someone I can go to for questions, not you actually doing the work.)

    Now lets get down to business.

    What I have done so far:
    • Learning :)
    My Planned Features(Short term):
    • Point system that rewards activity.
    • A "shop" system that you can buy points with (Limited by weekly purchases)
    1. Points for Diamonds (And Vise-Versa)
    2. Points for Gold (And Vise-Versa)
    3. Points for Iron (And Vise-Versa)
    4. Points for Lapis (And Vise-Versa)
    5. Points for Redstone (And Vise-Versa)
    6. Points for Wood Logs (And Vise-Versa)
    • A Trading system (Players trading their points for certain things, this specific feature I'm still thinking about)
    • Killing mobs can reward points as a random "Drop" (This will be indicated in chat) *NOTE: VERY RARE!
    • Customization of configurations of the numbers.
    • Different sizes of land claims. (Examples: 3x3, 6x6, etc etc.)
    • Claimed land will be protected all the way to the top, but only 3-10 blocks down. (By default)
    • Player Alliances (This will be the "okaying" a player to do stuff in your region. This will need the permission of both players)
    My Planned Features(Long Term):
    • Factions and Protected land
    • Ranks within the faction and faction protected land by rank. (Meaning you can protect land within a faction protected land a lower ranked player can't access. Meaning you can make a "Faction Bank".)
    • Donate points to your faction (Claiming faction land will be more expensive by default!)
    • PvP rewarded points for factions (Neutral Factions/Warred factions)
    • Faction Wars (Winners get a certain amount of points - WEEKLY)
    • Faction Alliances (Protected Land for said Alliance, Will be a set amount by default - no purchasing larger amounts of land)
    • More to come! (Possibly)

    Suggestions are welcome! Please keep in mind there is no estimated date for a release, or even a beta. If you wish to follow the development for this plugin you can do so here. I may create a blog page later on if this gets enough interest.

    Also, I must stress I am new to Java, and I am learning. I will try my best to make a quality plugin for you guys, however long it may take and I ask for patience, and understanding of my JavaNoobness.

    If you wish to help me in any way PLEASE PM me (Even if its just to give a tip on how to do something.) If you wish, for some reason or another, to actually help me code this, PM me. However, I would like for you to not do everything yourself, that would defeat the point of me learning.
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