[WIP][FUN] Paintballing Plugin v1.0 [99.9% Done]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by ProFatal, Jun 17, 2012.

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    99.99% Done - 1st arena needed completion and its ready!!!
    I am busy developing a paintball bukkit plugin that allows players to pick between two teams;
    • Red
    • Blue
    The whole code of the plugin is more or less there just need to add the protection to stop players from braking blocks and also complete some arenas. The arena picker is based on OnlinePlayers() which means that the more players there are then the bigger the arena. From all this, I am expecting to release this plugin within the next few days and allow people to test it.

    In the config file you can config a few things like the world name, this allows for you to have multiple world and therefore have one dedicated to just paintballing.
    You can also enable or disable, weather and the sun movement. By default it is set to false which means that no weather will occur in the world that has been allocated in the config file.

    I am also thinking of maybe adding a few other game types later then just the generic one hit and you are out and may open different opportunities for gameplay for the whole server to enjoy.

    If you have any ideas on what I can add then please don't forget to comment and ill see if I can add it.
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    public void onBlockBreak(BlockBreakEvent event) {
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    It's alright I have already done it.
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    codename_b, the first dev/man to create the Paintball plugin!

    The people of Bukkit also want optional team colors!

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    Something like they can earn points by hitting others.
    You can purchase bonusses with these points or higher ranks.

    Btw: How to you hit someone? with a snowball?
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    Just to let you know players earn points by hitting someone and get addition points if their team wins or they are the MVP. There is a shop but atm only has 3items in it and will be added more.

    public void onEntityDamageByEntity(EntityDamageByEntityEvent event) {
    if (event.getDamager() instanceof Snowball) {
                Snowball snowball = ((Snowball) event.getDamager());
                Player attacker = (Player) snowball.getShooter();
                Player playerHit = (Player) event.getEntity();
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    Younwoild have tonfancel the event, though. So they don't loose health.
    Also if thats your status of the code it isnt 99%.

    Idea: Add eggs and when they hit it confuses (PotionEffects: Blindness and Confusion) all players in a 5 block radius.
    Maybe add a exlosion for the visual look.
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    I already do event.setCancelled(true) later in the code and that idea is a good one may add that soon :)
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    Any idea when its gonna be put out?
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    Are you relesing it for free?
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    I haven't been able to work on it last week and so maybe a while till I can work on it.
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    when will it be out cause there are servers with a plugin just like this
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    May release mine soon, im doing some rewriting, etc. Its will have all the features codename_B had maybe more :)
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    Best of luck! I'll try it out for myself and give you a star rating ;)
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    Dont you have to add a If (playerHit instanceof Player)

    As you could be hitting a sheep or a cow and it wouldnt cast to player and would give errors :D
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    When will this plugin be done? :)
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    Do you have a Skype I Could Contact? We Would Pay to Have this Plugin a Special Way.
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    Im a busy guy :p
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