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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by lmazon, Jul 23, 2011.

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    I made a post on the official Minecraft forum that was intended as an idea for the new adventure mode stuff. Alas, it's probably too late, and I'm not sure my idea is what Notch wants. To that end, I've decided to begin production of this as a mod. I have reproduced my original post below as it contains the idea:

    I am beginning work on this mod now. I will likely need help in the future. I'm a programmer by trade, so I doubt I'll have much trouble with that end of things. I'm looking for creative ideas, and if potentially some artwork resources if we ever get the capability to add new items and monsters to the game without having to require client AND server side mods(I want it to be server only and the data be sent to the clients.)

    I'll be watching this thread for ideas and interested parties. Thank you.
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    Wow, I would love to help test this. If you need a server to test it on I will help you out.
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    Look into spout as of now they will be adding new mob support and its the only way I know of of keeping this a plugin :)
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    I've been doing some spec work on this. At some point I'll publicize the specs for comment. Once I have clear requirements, I'll start looking into the means of accomplishing it all. =D
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