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    9th AUG 2013:
    Development for this plugin has continued. I will keep you posted for completion.

    October 2012:

    Hello Bukkit Community! Even though I'm still fairly new to Java Programming, I've been making a plugin called HideNSeek which brings an awesome and fun gametype to Bukkit.

    Bascially what happens is, that it will use automated games and countdowns. Players can type /join to join the match, and it puts them into the game. When the countdown has finished, the plugin randomly selects players to be "Seekers", and the rest being "Hiders". The players in the game get a certain prefix in chat depending on what team they are on. The Seeker team must always have a fraction of the hiders team, for example if there are 6 Hiders, there must be 2 Seekers.

    The objective of the Hiders is to hide as blocks and Mobs using a command to diguise. The objective of the Seeker is to eliminate all of the Hiders. I have implemented a point system, where you can earn points on various things you do. You can also buy items to use in the arena with the points you earn.

    I have also implemented special items for hiders to use, for example: snowballs when thrown at seekers, causes them to walk slower with the blindness potion that lasts for 10 seconds.

    I aim for this plugin to be very enjoyable, and addicting. The plugin is near completion, but still is missing some features. I have implemented the API for Vault, PlayerPoints, and DisguiseCraft.

    I'm posting this on Bukkit, as I would love to get some community suggestions for my plugin, and I'd also like to ask for some help if possible. Even though my plugin is near completion, I'd still like some more features and ideas implemented.

    In terms of licensing, I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, but If enough people want to have my plugin when it's completed, I will release it on Bukkit Dev.

    To do List:
    • Obtain players from a certain ArrayList, then whoever wasn't chosen, put them into another ArrayList.
    • A timer that allows the hiders to hide, before the Seekers appear in the arena.
    • Run the entire game on a timer.
    • Implement spectator features, such as free fly, and teleportation to current players. (Without being able to destroy or place blocks etc.)
    • Include some configurable features such as saving of values in a config.
    For your information, HAS = Hide and Seek
    Completed Check List:
    • All hider commands are only usable when you are a hider, and you are in a match of HideNSeek.
    • /hide is the base command.
    • /hide mob <mobname> transforms player into mob.
    • /has shows general information.
    • ArrayList for Seekers, Hiders, Ingame Players, Spectators.
    • /unhide unhides a player and removes them from array list.
    • /join joins the match of HAS. Puts player in the array lists. Only works if not in a game.
    • /leave leaves the match of HAS. Removes player from array lists and teleports to spawn. Only works if in a game.
    • When players join the server, they are teleported to spawn. Custom Join Message.
    • onPlayerQuitEvent removes player from all array lists. Custom Leave Message.
    • /taunt to play a potion effect, play lightning strike to lure in seekers.
    • Throwable eggs that play a taunt.
    • /spawn teleports player to spawn and removes from array lists.
    • /setpoint to set the game spawn, teleport to it when /join. If the block has not been set, then teleport to spawn.
    • /has kick <player> kicks the player from the match.
    • /has add <player> adds the player to the match.
    • Point System
    • /seekers to show how many seekers are online.
    • /hiders to show how many hiders are online.
    • Timer Count Down to start match
    • /end ends the match of hide and seek.
    • Generates a folder called HideNSeek in the plugins folder.
    • Generates a config.yml in the HideNSeek folder.
    • Prefix for Seekers, Hiders, Spectators.
    • A lot more that I will list later! :)
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    Sounds fun. I would like to try the plugin. Is there a BukkitDev page or a link to a .jar file that can be downloaded?
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    I have not made a bukkit dev page for it as of yet, but I do have a .jar file that I have been testing, and am always adding new features to.
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    reminds me to the tf2 mod "prophunt" :)

    Greetings Virtuu
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    Yeah ahha, I based this plugin on the Counter Strike Source servers "Hide and Seek", which TF2 Servers have the similar gametype.
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    webicex When do you think you will be done with this plugin? I'm very interested :)
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    DaFuriousBadger I'm not entirely sure, I'm working on like three plugins at once haha. Also, I have one school exam coming up in two days, so after that is when I can work on the plugin more.
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    So, would anyone be able to help me implement automated games that start and stop? Most game plugins have this such as paintball etc.
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    Could you possibly send me this?
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    Sounds real fun. Are you adding more perks? Tought about a lobby? Lobby board? :)
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    Yeah development been delayed, been busy with school work :3
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    Sounds real cool tho, hope you get the time to finish it :D
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    Really want to download.
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