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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by jdf2, Nov 11, 2014.

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    Features and differences

    The main difference from our web app to basically every other permission manager (including even the flat file of PermissionsEx) is that you don't have a group and then make the permissions for it, but rather have a list of permissions and then choose which group is allowed to use it. In our opinion this is more natural and probably easier to understand so you don't risk to miss setting a permission.
    Another feature we add is a community database. This means you can import the permissions as other server admins made them so your server is ready in under 5 minutes of "permissioning". You can also view the history of permission edits and revert changes someone shouldn't have done.
    Absorbant needs to have the Absorbant plugin installed on your server. This is great because it will also work without an SQL connection and you don't have to share your MySQL password to a third party. All you need is a free, forwarded port on the server. Absorbant will put security on a high priority. Nobody should be able to hack and/or grief your server! The plugin will even read the permissions from your plugins so you have less work with entering every single node. You will get a mail notification whenever you install a new plugin, so you won't forget to set up the permissions for it

    Who are we?
    We are @jdf2, @Phase and @momar
    . It's a great team and we will get this released as soon as possible. Momar and jdf2 have both created a permissions editor before, but with this one they hope to create the better one out of all!

    When will it be finished?
    The design and user interface is already looking great in our opinion, the next step is to create the backend and the plugin, and of course the security parts. This will take a long time, but we will hopefully release this before christmas.

    What will it look like?

    To give you a few impressions about what the interface will look like, have a look at some screenshots:

    More info will be released over time, but Momar, Phase, and I plan to get more done before we go posting a lot of info about it.

    Sponge Forums post: https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/...bs-all-the-worries-of-making-permissions/4399
    PlanetMinecraft Post(Includes poll): http://www.planetminecraft.com/forums/web-spongeperms-wip-t447060.html

    Also please don't say we are copying Matthew's permissions app. It has been proven that we are not on the Sponge Forums post (https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/...-worries-of-making-permissions/4399/35?u=jdf2) I can also provide more proof including PMs, Skype messages, etc.
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  2. jdf2 Looks nice and I believe this will be helpful for new people starting there Minecraft servers.
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    I love the interface.
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    We hope it will be!

    The interface is my favorite part! It's so much better then my old permission's website was.

    Glad you guys like it!
  5. jdf2 If you guys need help with your website security (check if there are vulnerabilities) send me a pm.
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