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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by AdityaTD, Feb 21, 2015.

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    Brief Description:
    Hello everyone it's Aditya here and after doing a lot of research I found that there's no Free of Cost Hub plugin for BungeeCord/Hub Servers so now I am making one, but I need help with some pro coder's because I don't do really advance coding! The plugin would be available free of cost to all the People and the Source Code would be available but secured by Copyright so no other Dev's can use our code for their purpose as they can even sell our code!

    Plugin Features:
    Gadgets, Custom Join & Leave Message (Could be Enabled and Disabled), Colored Chat for Certain Ranks (Could be Set in Config), No Block Breaking, No Hunger, No Void Damage, No PVP, Player Toggle, Trails, Pets, Announcer (Could be enabled for BungeeCord so it can be a cross server announcer), Custom MOTD, Lobby Music etc.

    Plugin Name & Information:
    Name: EssentialsHub+
    Author: AdityaTD
    Estimated Completion Date: March 31st or Mid April (Depends on how many people helps)

    Whoever want's to help just leave Comment down below so I can contact you there! :)

    Thanks for Reading!
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    Bump! Someone please help!
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    One thing...
    Why are you setting in your information:
    YOU are not making the plugin soo...
    And you cant claim your plugin for copyright, only when you give the plugin
    to a person.

    And i cant code this for you :( im having a lot of trouble with my time!
    And good luck with finding a dev :D

    TIP: Try searching on other forums/threads to search for other devs, and msg them!
  4. @AdityaTD You claim that you don't do "really advance coding", when in reality, anyone could make a pretty large plugin if they spend enough time on it. I personally have been working (solo) on a plugin for well over 6(ish) months now on a large plugin and still think I can complete it myself.

    Anyway, I don't plan on helping you directly, but I will give you some tips:
    • Custom Join/Leave messages are as easy as registering the event of the player leaving and joining, and then using the BukkitAPI (Assuming you ARE using the BukkitAPI) to set the join and leave message.
    • Colored chat for messages can be easily done with Vault (Assuming you are using Vault), otherwise you'll need to dig into the event for player chatting. Simply create a data file (something like ranks.yml) to store which players have what rank and then look it up in the data file and apply the colors.
    • No block breaking is as simple as registering the block break (and probably block place) event and cancelling it if the player does not have the permission.
    • No hunger is using the FoodLevelChangeEvent. Cancel it.
    • Void damage is cancelled with the player damage event and check if their location is below y=0 (below the void).
    • No PVP is the same as player damage event. Cancel it if the entity dealing damage is a player.
    • Player toggle? (as in toggle player visibility?). Get all players on the server (excepting you perhaps) and make them invisible with player.hide() (and use player.show to show them again).
    • Trails. There's a lot of particle libraries and APIs out there.
    • I can't give help with pets since I have no idea what that even is -.-
    • Announcer is done by storing messages in a data file, reading it and broadcasting messages on a timer.
    • Custom MOTD. Do I have to even explain how to do this?
    • Lobby Music. There are a lot of music like plugins out there, and even this tool created by @Quantum64
    I can tell you buddy, I'm no pro coder and I'm sure that you could do this yourself.
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    Fixed up your Plugin.yml file to be more appropriate as a collaboration :)

    name: EssentialsHub+
    version: beta 0.1.0
    authors: [AdityaTD]
    website: <Removed>
    main: me.adityatd.essentialshub.Main
    - Don't use numbers such as "1.0" to version your plugins.
    - Because you are looking for a collaboration, include all your developers within the brackets under "authors".
    - Don't make the website your YouTube channel. That bit.ly link re-directs you to this forum.
    - Make sure your package is always lowercase.

    Also, I took a look at your Main class, and you are already starting off in a bad direction. I'm assuming this plugin is going to be fairly large, so you want to make sure your main class is formatted correctly from the beginning. Don't start off with putting your listeners, commands, or methods inside the main class. Always put them in their own class file.
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  7. @AdityaTD This plugin looks fairly easy to make. You don't need to be an advanced coder to do this. I am actually developing a (private) plugin similar to what you are specifying. @DJSkepter gave you some excellent tips for event. I would take up the offer if it wasn't for the plugin I'm making now. I'm 75% almost done with complete, trying to fix bugs, add more features. Although, I do have an idea for you. With your ranks idea, VIP ranks could be able to do Particle Effects. Anyway, sorry I couldn't help, hope someone can help you. :)
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    Alright Thanks guys I'll start working now! :)

    EDIT: This project is going off the GitHub now!
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    I'm interested.
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